10 Traits of a Successful Marketing Manager

A Marketing Manager is one of the most impactful roles within a company. Whilst they cant always directly attribute revenue to their activities, Marketing creates the Sales of tomorrow. With so many marketing automation and digital tools on the market, its becoming easier to measure the impact of Marketing and really understand the value they add.

However, in an industry where the only constant is evolution, how do you know what to look for when hiring your next marketing manager?

With more than 30 years’ experience in hiring talent, we’ve distilled it down to ten essential traits to look out for in a potential star:

1. Knows how to build a great team

Getting the right dynamic can have a huge impact on your business. A successful marketing manager knows how to foster teamwork to achieve a shared vision. From bringing the right team together for each marketing task, through to nurturing and team building exercises, as well as striving for diversity.

2. Gets the best out of their team (without burning them out)

A good marketer understands that difference between getting the most out of a team and overworking them. With over a third of marketers ‘overly stressed’, a successful marketing manager will set clear deliverables with the right support and room for autonomy. As described in Forbes, a successful manager will “set targets and goals in small quantities that are attainable and not overwhelming.”

3. Thought-leaders

Does the individual have an industry presence? Being a thought-leader means focusing on personal branding, sharing expertise, and making a name for themselves. Your marketing manager should be an authority in their field. There are thousands of marketing jobs in the market, but only the very best individuals are revered.

4. Builds a strong network

Marketers by their very nature tend to be sociable and natural relationship-builders, and so should possess a strong network of relevant contacts. They should be seen at industry awards, trade shows and events. Fostering strong relationships and networking is essential for business presence and growth in a marketing manager role.

5. Embrace Digital

According to Information Age “Digital transformation should be embraced and not feared”. This is the approach you should be looking for in a prospective employee. For instance, in the ‘Campaign Power 100’ list, Laurent Tiersen, (Ikea country marketing manager) is listed for his innovative approach to marketing, from using interactive to experiential campaigns, which he describes as “helping people experience the brand in a number of different ways”

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6. Uses Data for Decision Making & to Forecast Trends

A solid marketer will understand the value of analytics in identifying its audiences and measuring campaigns. The management and analysis of data should be dictating any marketing team’s next moves. A good marketing manager need to recognise the importance of data and be able to translate it into actionable tasks. Look at any award-winning industry campaign and it has proven metrics to illustrate its success. A successful marketer will acknowledge the role that data plays in forecasting the next big thing, and will strive to stay ahead of the competition.

7. Strong Leadership Skills

According to American Express, there are a number of techniques adopted by strong leaders. These include; building a culture of trust and integrity, being authentic, showing empathy to team members and having the courage to take risks, among other factors.

8. Works Seamlessly with Teams

Interviews provide the perfect opportunity to ask candidates about how they interact with other teams and stakeholders. You should be looking for examples of cohesive collaboration and partnership, rather than an imposed way of working. Being able to work seamless with wider teams demonstrates strong leadership.

9. A Marketing Manager that Looks Ahead

The rapid rate at which the industry moves demand a marketing manager that can keep the pace. Yes, they reflect on past successes, but they also look to new and emerging trends that will help define and shape their business. Most crucial of all, they will be ahead of the game, leading the change and adopting new ways of working with enthusiasm.

10. Committed to their Company

A committed colleague is a loyal colleague. They are the ones that will bring the best out in individuals and themselves and their passion will drive them to seek the best results. Looking at an individual’s CV is a good indicator of their commitment to previous employees. A marketing manager’s salary is a sizeable amount – individuals that have moved around a lot in a short space of time may not be as committed as others.

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morgan_cumminslAuthor: Morgan Cummins

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