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Top Tips for Finding Your Next Sales Job

Good news for job seekers – finding the sales job of your dreams might not be as difficult as you think. Even in these unusual times with remote working and virtual offices, the sales industry is still thriving.

Testament to this, LinkedIn recently published the top 15 jobs on the rise in 2021, and business development and sales professionals were amongst them. The top job titles were identified as Sales Consultants, Inbound Sales Specialists and Strategic Advisors amongst others.

Central to these roles are sales process, customer retention and team building. This gives a good indication to some of the well-rounded skills needed for sales jobs in Ireland right now.

With the typical worker changing jobs every three to four years, it’s never a bad time to think about your career progression and next move. Here are six tips to help you navigate the process.

1. Know What You Want

There are so many different sales jobs in Ireland, so it’s important to undertake due diligence and research the industry thoroughly. Knowing what you want will help fast-track you to the top quickly, whilst ensuring you don’t waste time applying for roles that hold little interest to you.

Think about where you see your career path developing and what you want from a role. In this day and age, that also means thinking about whether you want a remote or in the office sales job or a mix of both! The sales industry is changing at a fast pace, with more sales jobs remote than ever. Looking long-term, think about what roles will be available in the coming years too.

2. Get Your CV Together

Before you find sales jobs to apply for, you want to get your CV together.  Draft your CV based on the industry or role you want to go for. Use the right keywords and highlight examples that play to these strengths.

It goes without saying that CVs (and cover letters) should always be geared towards the role you apply for, rather than having generic letters. Your CV should be no more than two pages in total, keeping in mind that it takes less than 10 seconds to judge your resume.

3. Clean Up Your Social Media

You can learn a lot from a prospective candidate just by looking at their social media. Take the time to go through your social footprint to ensure it’s a fair reflection of you and even shows off your passion for the industry.

This also means engaging with people in the industry and showing your authority and knowledge on sales. Don’t be shy posting or sharing content on LinkedIn that shares interesting insights into the industry you’re interested in.

4. Do Your Research

Do you have a dream company you’d like to work for? Maybe you have several. As you research sales jobs online, think about the sort of company you’d like to next work for, and what sort of qualities and values appeal to you.

Today’s sales candidates are driven by cultural fit as much as salary, and the tide is certainly turning when it comes to recruiting the best talent. So give thought to what matters to you – flexible working, the opportunity to travel, time off for volunteering? Everything is up for negotiation. It will also stand you in good stead to be prepared and have a preference to what matters to you.

5. Connect With a Recruiter

Now you know the sort of role, company and industry you’re keen to work in, you’re in a strong position to find sales jobs and apply for them.

Working with a recruitment specialist is one of the most efficient ways of securing the best roles. Not only do recruiters have a network of contacts in all the best companies and agencies, but they’re able to guide you through the interview process.

So, along with scouting for sales jobs online, make sure you’re plugged in to all the top roles before anyone else, by registering with an established recruitment agency.

6. Get Under the Skin of the Company

As with all industries, the world of sales is highly competitive. As such, researching the company is critical to your interview success. You’ll want to find out as much as you can about your team. Use the corporate playbook, speak to team members, connect with acquaintances on LinkedIn – use your recruitment specialist to gather as much inside information as you can. Especially if you’re joining a remote sales job, you’ll benefit from knowing the lay of the land.

Best of luck in your job hunt. Abigail Woods is a Senior Consultant here at TalentHub and she specialises in sales. Feel free to reach out to her at or register your CV with her HERE.

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