3 Top Tips to Make Your CV Stand Out From the Crowd

Here at TalentHub, we are always appraising, critiquing, admiring and feeding back on candidate CV’s and applications. We see patterns emerge whereby certain types of submissions gain the most traction, and wanted to share our ideas on how to make yours memorable!

So here our top 3 tips to make your CV stand out from the crowd:

1. Make it Visual
In our industry, it’s ok to go off-piste from the usual text-heavy word documents. Don’t be afraid to create a CV that is colourful and uses graphics as well as text, or go one step further and create an Infographic that summarizes the main points – in a minefield of rival candidates you will stand out from the crowd.

Good ideas include creating a PDF or similar visual that detail your experience in the style of a Facebook timeline. Another impressive one we received was a link to a Flipagram video made by the candidate – this not only showcased her career highlights but gave a strong indicator of her creative and fun personality.

With so many free tools and apps such as Canva, any ordinary Joe or Jane can inject a bit of creativity into their CV!

2. Add a relevant accompaniment to the CV
As per above, there so many free tools to help you do this. If you are going for a job in a particular sector, using Instagram or Pinterest is an easy way to showcase what you would do for that employer.

I once placed a girl in a creative agency and as part of her application, she looked at all their clients and created a Pinterest portfolio on the sort of work she’d like to do for those clients (naturally, she got the job!).

Other, less creative but just as important, ideas include analysts or programmers taking a look at what the company currently do and producing a spreadsheet or piece of code that shows the employer that you’ve taken the time to research how your skills and their business are a good match.

3. Name drop, name drop, name drop!
We are all rarely more than 2 degrees away from our peers in the industry, and networks like LinkedIn make it very easy to see how we are connected. It should be easy to establish who you know (obviously someone you are confident will speak highly about you!) that will be known to, and respected by, your potential future employer.

The first thing the hiring manager will do is to discreetly check you out, and everyone feels more confident shortlisting a candidate who has a positive endorsement from an existing employee or other relevant stakeholder (mutual client etc).

For advice and guidance on how to help you get noticed by the brand or employer of your dreams, drop us a line.


Credit for featured image: © Olga Chanturiia | – Curriculum Vitae. Resume modern creative design.

Credit for internal image:© Darkovujic | – Flat Resume with Infographics

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