Sarah McDevitt on Toxic Positivity & the Social Injustice of 2020 | The Mindset Shift

Our guest for this session of ‘The Mindset Shift’ is Sarah McDevitt, Global Director of Professional Services at HubSpot.

Sarah McDevitt delves into her career journey that has made her the leader she is today. From the early days working on a small radio station in Sligo to her time in the Reserve Army where she spent 13 years of her career managing multi-diverse teams. She reflects on her successful years in Media and now, HubSpot, where she now holds her biggest role to date as the Global Director of Professional Services.

She talks with Tim McCarthy about the past year and how her organisation dealt with the challenges of 2020. She touches on how the pandemic impacted people’s mental health and the importance of not pushing that “toxic positivity”. Another huge moment for her organisation was the social impact of #BLM in not only the American head quarters but also across EMEA.

See the full video below

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