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Raomal Perera on the Importance of Continuous Learning|The Mindset Shift

Our guest for this session of ‘The Mindset Shift’ is Raomal Perera, veteran of multiple entrepreneurial ventures and an adjunct professor of entrepreneurship at INSEAD where he currently teaches design thinking, entrepreneurship, innovation, and the management of rapidly growing companies. INSEAD is one of the top five business colleges in the world as listed by the Financial Times.

Raomal is an educator and loves to work with entrepreneurs. However, his primary role is helping established businesses make innovation work. He uses an interesting mix of his hands-on experience of building successful companies and the more recent experience of academia and research in helping companies GET, KEEP and GROW their customers.

In this episode, Raomal speaks to Tim McCarthy about his experience growing up in Sri Lanka. Raomal describes his childhood as incredible. He lived next door to all of his family, so he was constantly outside playing with his brothers and cousins. He explains the feeling of freedom and not having a care in the world.

Raomal shares the main things he has learnt from his parents. His father taught him to never underestimate the importance of education. And his mother taught him to be devoted to your family and always put them first, no matter what.

Raomal brings Tim on a journey through his life from moving to the UK and the shock that comes with moving to somewhere where no one knows you, to moving to Ireland and being made redundant. Raomal explains that being made redundant was the turning point in his career. It was what forced him to become a consultant and gave him the confidence to know that he can work on his own

Finally, Raomal tells Tim about his transition from being an entrepreneur and moving into education. Raomal shares some advice for businesses during this tough time- “we shouldn’t be waiting for the pandemic to past, we should be figuring out how to survive and do things differently.”

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