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Patrick Callaghan on the Power of Execution|The Mindset Shift

Our guest for this session of ‘The Mindset Shift’ is Patrick Callaghan, Partner CTO at DataStax. Patrick works with enterprises and partners to implement and support large-scale mission critical applications across hybrid cloud environments. Prior to DataStax, Patrick held architecture roles in the banking and finance sector covering real-time, distributed applications.

In this episode, Patrick speaks to Tim McCarthy about growing up as the youngest of five and about his simple upbringing in Finglas. Patrick shares a lesson he learnt from his dad which has stuck with him since he was 6 years old; don’t think, just do. Patrick explains that he was always a thinker and that his dad made him realise the power of execution over thought. Patrick says we can come up with great ideas, but they mean nothing without actions and an outcome. Patrick shares the main lesson he learnt from his mum; the importance of warmth, care, and preparation. His mum was the homemaker, taking care of five children, so if she wasn’t prepared or caring, she would have been met with five very unhappy children!

Patrick tells Tim about his time at college and how it was a bit of a wakeup call for him. Prior to college, he had teachers to help him, however, college was different. He soon found out that you either take in the information yourself and apply it or you won’t succeed.

Patrick speaks about the difference between a manager and a leader. He explains that during his time in London, he had a fantastic manager who taught him what it meant to be a leader. He goes on to explain that a leader is someone who wants to help those around them, celebrates peoples wins, inspires, motivates, and leads from the front.

Finally, Patrick shares what he does to look after and inspire himself. He goes for walks on the beach, listens to audible books and music, and does some stretching before work. Patrick explains that your mindset is critical, and it differentiates you from everyone else- so look after it.

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