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Orlaith Blaney on the Importance of the Customer| The Mindset Shift

Our guest for this session of ‘The Mindset Shift’ is Orlaith Blaney, Chief Communications Marketing Officer at Ervia, Ireland’s national gas and water infrastructure service provider. Orlaith has over 23 years CEO and C-Suite Executive experience leading businesses and teams in both the public and private sector.

In this episode Orlaith talks to Tim McCarthy about her time growing up working in her father’s pubs and how this was where she found her passion for business and customers. Orlaith speaks about how her father taught her to ‘always look after the customer and they will come back’.

Orlaith discusses the difficult transition from secondary school to college. She opens up about the struggle of moving from being the head girl, secure and confident in her secondary school to being in the deep end knowing no one in her college course.

After college, Orlaith started a Fás course where she got a placement in Dimensions, an advertising agency, where she ended up working for 6 years. Orlaith then went on to work in McCann, a full-service communications agency to global and local brands where she became the CEO at just 32 years old.

Orlaith talks to Tim about the challenge of being a woman in a leadership role and how this is what fuelled her passion for equity and diversity in business.

Finally, Orlaith and Tim discuss the importance of simple communication with not only customers, but with our colleagues and those around us.

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