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Morgan Cummins on Embracing a Growth Mindset|The Mindset Shift

This week’s interview is with the co-founder of the Mindset Shift series and Director of Recruitment and Coaching at TalentHub, Morgan Cummins

Morgan shares his fond memories growing up in Waterford, constantly being outside playing soccer. Morgan was the goalkeeper, and he explains that this position really helped and challenged his mindset. He enjoyed the pressure but was also challenged at putting the failures behind him and moving on. 

Morgan tells Tim McCarthy about his career in marketing. It was a long and very successful one, 18 years to be exact! Morgan has worked in the UK, Dublin, Australia and the Middle East, working on numerous successful brands such as Guinness and Jameson.  

He explains that it was his young family that brought him back to Ireland. Morgan moved into the recruitment world when he realised that finding a balance between work and family is exceptionally important and that his passion was helping people. 

Tim questions Morgan on what a growth mindset means to him. Morgan describes it as realising that you can develop your skills and abilities. But also, that you need to embrace both your failures, successes and feedback from others. Morgan shares a daily habit he carries out to help encourage his growth mindset. He keeps a record of the top three things that made his day successful. These could be professional things or personal things like having a great morning walk with the kids. 

To conclude, Morgan shares his hopes for the series. He hopes listeners can understand that all of us have a fixed mindset but that if you are willing to challenge it, a growth mindset can help you develop yourself throughout life. 

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