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Maria Mileder on Culture and Cultural Differences | The Mindset Shift

Our guest for this session is Maria Mileder, Global Head of Innovation at PayPal.
Maria is responsible for furthering PayPal’s culture of Innovation. She oversees global Innovation initiatives, PayPal’s Innovation Labs across the US, India and China as well as the global Innovation Ambassador network spread across more than 11 locations. 

Austrian native, Maria Mileder, took many shifts throughout her life, such as the pivot from studying medicine to sociology which was pushed by her drive to measure and analyze.

She talks about her time growing up in Austria and how she loved to challenge herself and experience things first-hand. This drove her to volunteer for the ambulance service in her teenage year – a time that really impacted her outlook on life.

After her education finished, she moved to Ireland, in what was meant to be a gap year that turned into 13 years. She talks about adapting to new cultures and how she found that challenging but learned the importance of speaking up and asking questions – a lesson that benefited her enormously later in her career,

She then brings us up to her time in PayPal, a company that embeds its culture in everything they do in which she is proud to be apart of.

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