Lorraine Butler on What it Means to be a Leader|The Mindset Shift

Back by popular demand is the Mindset Shift interview with Lorraine Butler, Managing Director at CPM Ireland. Lorraine joined CPM as the first-ever female MD in November 2015 after 14 years with eir Business, where she held several leadership roles.

In this episode, Lorraine shares with Tim McCarthy some great life lessons that she has learnt throughout her career and personal life.

Lorraine’s top four lessons:

  1. Being a leader is about doing what is right. Lorraine, who has held numerous leadership positions speaks about how she dislikes being in front of lots of people and being the centre of attention. She explains that to be a leader, it’s not always about being comfortable in front of groups of people and being extremely extroverted. She says it’s about “putting your own challenges aside to do what’s right”.
  2. With anything in life, make the right decision, not the easy decision. Lorraine shares her experience lasting 6 weeks in a new job that she chose based on money, not culture. This taught her to listen to her gut instinct, always.
  3. You should be investing as much time and effort into your family as you do with work. COVID has made Lorraine realise the importance of creating a better work life balance.
  4. Without having a positive outlook and attitude yourself, how can you expect those around you to act in a positive manner.

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