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Lorna Ross on Designing the Future of Healthcare | The Mindset Shift

Our second guest in the TalentHub Coaching’s video series ‘The Mindset Shift’ is Chief Innovation Officer at VHI Health & Wellbeing, Lorna Ross.

Lorna’s design career spans 30 years, with stops in the world of fashion, wearable technology, robotics, and most recently, health care. She is a futurist at heart, recognised for her ability to anticipate shifts in the social, cultural, and economic context for design. She was one of the pioneering researchers to focus on wearable technologies and built a reputation for research activity in this arena. She later identified the theme of health as an emerging arena for design to thrive.

In this episode, Lorna reflects on the pivots in her career to date and what future-design thinking can do for Ireland’s Healthcare system

See the full video below

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