Lorna Ross on Remaining Optimistic During a Crisis|The Mindset Shift

Another Mindset Shift interview back by popular demand is with Lorna Ross, Chief Innovation Officer at VHI. Lorna’s optimism and positive outlook is something we can all learn from. We have put together Lorna’s top four life lessons that she shared with Tim Mccarthy.

  • Lesson 1: From a young age, Lorna always compared herself to her sister who did very well in school. However, Lorna came to the realisation that success isn’t always measured by how ‘academic’ you are. Finding out what you are passionate about is just as important.
  • Lesson 2: Working in a collaborative environment is extremely important as it encourages others to engage and contribute to the team.
  • Lesson 3: Lorna briefly speaks about situations and jobs that she has walked away from and highlights the importance of failure. She says that it’s more important to stick to your morals and what you stand for than to stay in a situation out of fear failure.
  • Lesson 4: In times of crisis, it is even more important to remain optimistic. We need to learn from what has happened and look forward into the future.

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