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John Maguire on Challenging Times Acting as a Catalyst for Growth|The Mindset Shift

Our guest for this session of ‘The Mindset Shift’ is John Maguire, CEO and Co-Founder of TripAdmit, a booking software dedicated to tours and activities. John has over 20 years’ experience working in senior online sales and marketing roles in both Irish and International companies.

John speaks with Tim McCarthy about his experience growing up on a farm in Limerick and how this is where he got his grounding in business. He shares the values he learnt from his parents; his dad taught him the importance of trust and his mum taught him the importance of education and constant learning.

John tells Tim about his experience moving away from home and moving to college in both Cork and Galway. Going into college, John explains how he went in knowing more about what he didn’t want to do rather than what he did want to do. This is what made his experience with Ticketmaster so defining- he had finally figured out what he wanted to do and what he was passionate about, the ticketing and travel industry.

After many years in Ticketmaster, John decided to move to Aer Lingus where he managed the digital marketing across Europe. It was in this role that John found out the importance of the user experience and ultimately planted the seed for his business idea.

John saw a gap in the market, that the tourism and activities sector was largely offline. His new business, TripAdmit was due to launch Easter 2020 with airlines as their primary client. While they had to pivot, John explains that it acted as a catalyst for growth as it sped up the digitisation of the industry. This is a great example of how with every challenge comes a great lesson and possibility for growth.

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