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Jason Barry is the Chief Technology Officer for Bluestone Mortgages, a fast-growing lender specialising in residential home loans. With over 20 years of international experience, Jason leads Bluestones’ technology and innovation teams across Australia and New Zealand.

He is passionate about the role of technology as an enabler of business opportunity and customer outcomes. Having been involved in and led several innovation and modernisation initiatives, Jason has a keen insight into what it takes for non-digital and digital native businesses alike to succeed in the modern enterprise.

Jason grew up in Cork with his older brother and parents. He tells Tim McCarthy that his mum is such an inspiration for him for many reasons but mainly for her drive to never give up. His mum placed a huge emphasis on education. She went back to education herself, doing a Certificate in Sociology, a Diploma in Economics and a Degree in Law. This taught Jason and his brother the importance of constant learning and the power of education.

At the age of 6, Jason got his first computer from Santa. It was from then on, that his passion for technology was born. He was lucky enough to have access to computers in school too which definitely helped feed into this passion of his.

Sport played a big role in Jason’s upbringing. He explains to Tim how playing football and hurling during his school years gave him a great sense of community and belonging and contributed to the great experience he had in school.

Jason then made the big move up to Dublin to commence his degree in Computer Applications in DCU. He tells Tim how he found this transition easier than he had anticipated. There are a few reasons for this. Jason explains that he made a promise to himself to give it 100% and to put himself out there.

One of the tips he shared during the interview was that he made a conscious effort to remember new people’s names and always address them by their first name when chatting to them. This helped him make friends and gain trust from them too. This is a tip Jason uses in his everyday life, be it in work or in his local supermarket. People value you listening and making an effort.

Another reason why the transition to Dublin was so seamless, was because of the great roommates and friends Jason gained. He tells Tim that he is still extremely close to these people today and that they made his experience in Dublin. Moral of the story, if we don’t make an effort and put ourselves out there, we are never going to fully experience new opportunities that come our way.

Jason shares his thoughts on leadership with Tim. He says that as a leader, you need to be mindful that the shadow you cast has a big impact on those around you. He explains the importance of being vulnerable and sharing part of yourselves with your colleagues because they need to see you as a human being, not just a boss. This helps you build trust and understanding amongst a team.

To conclude, Tim questions Jason on the difference between growing up in Ireland and growing a family in Australia. The big differentiator is family connection. Jason hasn’t had a pint with his brother in 8 years. However, there are positives! He loves being so immersed in nature, they have access to so many different experiences and there are some great facilities for his children. With anything in life, there are pros and cons, but he is happy they took the risk and made the big move 9 years ago.

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