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Evanna Kearins on Investigative Journalism in the Corners of Dublin | The Mindset Shift

Our guest for this episode of ‘The Mindset Shift’ is Evanna Kearins, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Pluralsight, a technology workforce development company.

Sligo woman, Evanna Kearins shares with Tim McCarthy the story of her father and GAA superstar, Mickey Kearins and how It was father’s influence and belief that then drove her to achieve that “All-star” achievement academically. After school she went on to complete her undergrad and master’s in journalism and began her career working in Today FM. At only the age of 24, Evanna investigated the male prostitution scene for her masters thesis in journalism at Dublin City University.

Her undergraduate thesis was on male cross-dressing, an investigation inspired by her experience of being chased in Drumcondra in the early hours of the morning by a man in full women’s regalia – including stiletto heels. This research led her to become a bestselling author with the book, Rent: the Secret World of Male Prostitution in Dublin She reflects on the danger she was faced with and the enlightenment into what life was truly like outside of her home comforts.

She talks about her drive to continuously develop and further her career through bigger targets, bigger challenges, and bigger teams in every role. Finally, we discuss Pluralsight and how they dealt with the challenges of 2020. Her management strategy throughout these difficult times was making her teams mental health the number one priority and encouraging that growth mindset.

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