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Another Mindset Shift back by popular demand is Tim McCarthy’s interview with Evanna Kearins. Evanna is the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Pluralsight, a technology workforce development company. During her interview with Tim, Evanna shares some great life and career lessons she has picked up throughout her journey thus far. Let’s take a look at some of them: 

Lesson 1: You get what you put in

Evanna grew up with Gaelic being at the centre of her household with her dad being the GAA superstar, Mickey Kearins. Her dad’s success and drive to succeed was what drove her to constantly want to be the best. Her parents taught her that you can do whatever you want once you put in the graft and hard work. This is something that has stuck with Evanna throughout her life, both personally and professionally.

Lesson 2: Striving to do your best, not being number one

From a young age, Evanna was always striving to be number one at everything she did. However, throughout the years she realised that being number one shouldn’t always be the end goal, it’s about doing the best you can and making sure you’re happy doing what you’re doing.

Lesson 3: Life is about enjoying the journey, not focusing too much on the destination

Evanna tells Tim how she shifted her mindset from focusing purely on the outcome, to focusing on the journey and all the steps involved. By focusing on all the steps in the journey, Evanna says she also enjoys the entire journey more, whether that be a work project or a personal goal.

Lesson 4: Being a team player manager

For Evanna, being a good leader means being able to give your team a dig out when they need it. She says that if you’re not able to get into the trenches and get your hands dirty, then you’re not doing your job. Evanna explains that you need to find the happy medium of being a team player and a manager.

Lesson 5: The importance of checking in on your colleagues

When Covid hit, Evanna had to try and bring her team together and lead by example. Evanna tells Tim that she learnt the importance of encouraging team members to look after themselves. Whether that be making time to get outside, getting some exercise or just getting away from their desk. Evanna explains how she has started making more of an effort to check in on team members, especially those who may live at home or who may feel more isolated. 

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