David Cashman on How Remote Working Could Revitalise Towns | The Mindset Shift

Our guest for this session is David Cashman, Chief Commercial Officer and Board Member at Zevas Communications

David talks to Tim McCarthy about his roots back in Cork and his love for sports throughout his teenage years. He then got a taste for business after he joined college, where he found his passion for working with people and sales.

He took that passion and started his own businesses, which served him well until the recession of 08.

He quickly picked himself back up and went into the corporate world, starting off in a small business of 50 people, known as Indeed. During his time there he learned the “science and methodology of sales” and the ripple effect your work can have in the community.

Finally, he talks about Zevas Communications and how 2020 had a positive impact on not only the company commercially but also on new employment, by bringing in new jobs to rural areas that were struggling from the implications brought on by the pandemic and how he hopes to continue that in the future.

See the full video below

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