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Colin Lewis’s Top Life and Career Lessons|The Mindset Shift

This week’s Mindset Shift interview is with Colin Lewis, CMO at OpenJaw Technologies. Colin is an award-winning marketer and has nearly 20 years international experience across the world.

During his interview with Tim McCarthy, Colin shares numerous life and career lessons that we think could help you navigate your way through life.

Lesson 1: Having an interest in other people and engaging with people is a great superpower to have. It enables you to see the world from another person’s perspective which is invaluable in work and in your personal life.

Lesson 2: Never underestimate the skill of influence and persuasion. The moment you are born, you start to influence and persuade the people around you. Colin explains that you need to tune into these skills in order to progress your career.   

Lesson 3: Colin says from the outside looking in, looking at someone’s LinkedIn profile for example, it can be easy to get bogged down comparing yourself to others career successes. Colin explains the importance of sharing your struggles and the downsides of your career. Everyone has bumps along the way and you should speak openly about these bumps to help others navigate their career journey.

Lesson 4: Colin’s top three tips for life are: embrace a growth mindset, work out how to create and recognise opportunity and develop a deep skill base. If you do these three things, you can build a great future for yourself.

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