Colin Gordon on Leading through Disruption in FMCG | The Mindset Shift

Our guest for this session of ‘The Mindset Shift’ is Colin Gordon, author of “Marketing is in Trouble” and founder of Engage Consulting.

He has extensive experience in FMCG, having worked in various leading organisations at senior level for over 25 years. He is former chief executive of Glanbia Consumer Foods and a marketer with decades of experience in Irish business. He now currently holds the position of Non-Executive Director at Ferbve & Wines. He is also a Board Member of Concern Worldwide where he chairs their Business and Organisational Development Committee.

In his recent book “Marketing is in Trouble”, Gordon does a deep dive into what’s wrong with marketing – and how we can fix it.

In this episode, Tim McCarthy chats to Colin about his years growing up in Dalkey, his education in Trinity and UCD, and how he built his career up the ladder in Marketing, from his time in CII to his time in Johnson & Johnson.

He talks us through pivoting moments in his career that taught him the learnings he stands by today. A major one being his time in John Player when faced with the new health regulations in the 1980s.

Taking us up to 2020, a time where FMCG faces structural change as stay-at-home consumption and health & wellbeing dominate the strategic agenda.

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