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Andrea Linehan on Transitioning from Start-Up to Scale-Up | The Mindset Shift

Our guest for this session of The Mindset Shift, brought to you by TalentHub is Global Chief Marketing Officer, Andrea Linehan.

Andrea is a commercial and marketing professional with over 18 years of international experience.

In this episode she talks to Tim McCarthy about her time growing up in Limerick and particularly her time in LIT, where she made the choice to pivot her major halfway through. She talks about the pressure students have at a young age to choose a path that can potentially define you forever, and how colleges need to provide that “option to change”.

She then flew the nest and settled in the Middle East where she was there for nearly 10 years. She talks about how came about setting up the Irish Business Network in Oman which followed her setting up the Oman Gaelic Athletics Association and the Omani Irish Friendship Society.

Finally, her curiosity brought her back to Ireland, where she then started her MBA and went on working for a Fintech start-up called Grid Finance, which had a profound impact on her career.

Then moving onto a scale-up organisation, CurrencyFair, she shares what it was like to make that transition from being a woman wearing all the hats to purely focusing on Marketing.

See the full video below

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