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Alan Cox on There Being no Expiry Date on Learning|The Mindset Shift

Back by popular demand is ‘The Mindset Shift’ interview with Alan Cox, Chief Executive of Core, Ireland’s largest media communications company.  

Throughout Alan’s conversation with Tim McCarthy, he shares some great lessons that he has learnt throughout his career journey. Let’s take a look: 

Lesson 1:  

Never underestimate the importance of continuous training and learning. Alan says that when he started out in the working world, he was thrown in the deep end and had to learn on the job. At the time, Alan was lucky that he had his dad as his mentor and says it was invaluable to him. Nowadays, he explains that people need regular training to really flourish. 

In Core, they have a mentorship programme with people both internally and externally to give hands on training and advice.

Lesson 2:

Alan shares a challenging experience in his career. He was MD for ‘The Network’ Agency and was faced with merging two very different cultures. This experience taught him how to bring people with you and how to build trust. He explains that in order to motivate people and to be successful, firstly you must build a trusting working environment. 

Lesson 3:

Alan tells Tim about a time in his career when someone else got offered the position instead of him. Alan explains that he didn’t look internally and self-criticize. He took a step back and realised it wasn’t his lack of ability, there were other reasons at play that were out of his control. Alan focused on keeping a positive and resilient mindset and luckily a new opportunity came his way. 

Lesson 4:

For Alan, setting up remote working conditions wasn’t the biggest challenge with Covid. The biggest challenge was learning how to keep the culture alive. Organisations can have the best remote working technology in place, but if people don’t feel a sense of togetherness, you’re failing. This is something that Alan and Core are striving to accomplish. 

See the full video below

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