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The Marketing Job: From Manager to Heistmaster

“Unicorn” is a term that seems to be dominating my LinkedIn Feed for the past year or so. Most recent articles, more often than not, are disputing the very existence of perfect employees (as if the term “Unicorn” wasn’t a bit of a hint that they might be mythical).

Yet still, it is something that employers strive to find and rightly so.

Whether or not the perfect employee exists, striving for perfection will leave you with the closest alternative.

The trap that companies fall into, however, is looking for carbon copies of their top employees when adding to their teams.

They’ve read the studies on diversity, they’ve integrated personality and psychometric testing into their recruitment process, but they still fall into the trap of unconsciously seeking out a team of “Agent Smiths” or all-rounders.

The best examples to illustrate the virtues of varied skills, personality traits, and backgrounds can be seen in Classic Heist Movies like “The Italian Job”, “Ocean’s Eleven” and the aptly named “Heist”.

While these three movies are probably not the best examples of gender diversity… they still showcase what happens when a team of uniquely individual people work towards a common goal.

Let’s take a digital marketing team as an example, what heist setup could fulfill all the needs of the department as a whole while remaining a lean, mean marketing team?

You’re the leader, the George Clooney, the Michael Caine (finally a chance to use that impression you’ve been perfecting in front of the mirror).

You know digital marketing inside out, you understand the roadmap needed for a successful launch/campaign but you also acknowledge that you can’t do everything yourself.

But instead of hiring an army of mini-mes in the form of all-round executives, you bring in the big guns.


The CRM Executive – The Insider with all the intel on the mark

This is the person with all the info on your target.

They’ve done their research, they’ve segmented customers, they know what makes them tick.

Knowing your customer and when/how to reach them is vital information that benefits all other members of the team and ensures that their work has the best possible success rate.

The Content Executive – The Explosives Expert

You’ve got all the information on your customer, you know how to reach them but you need substance, you need something to get the job done and blow the doors off that safe.

Innovative and engaging content breaks down those initial barriers put up by customers, turning “Nos” into “Maybes”.

Content then arms the sales team and the rest of the company with material to turn those “Maybes” into “Definitelys” by breaking down that last vault door.

The Performance Marketing Executive – The Computers Expert

This analytical and tech-savvy individual manipulates the latest trends and technologies to get the next targets in the door.

Armed with the knowledge of the general public’s habits and tendencies, every net they cast becomes smaller and more precise bringing in more relevant leads in turn arming the CRM exec with more updated and relevant data from newer customers.

The Social Media Executive – The “I Know a Guy” Guy

They know how to spread the word fast, they have a multitude of tools at their disposal, each designed for a specific type of audience.

They’re wise enough to use each tool individually when relevant and not to throw the entire toolbox at the task.

These are the guys that know how to make content grow legs and spread. Recruiters in their own right, they will enlist the most relevant and dedicated ambassadors for your company.

So next time you’re building out your team, think twice before re-using the job spec that landed you your perfect employee last time, think of the gaps that need to be filled, think about what your heist team is missing for your next big caper.

If you’d like to arrange a chat and see if I can offer any insight into the next addition to your heist team or even if you need someone to rate your Michael Caine impression you’ve been practicing since reading the above send me an email at and let’s arrange a call.

stephen_reedAuthor: Stephen Reed

Stephen Reed takes the lead as one of our top performing Digital Recruitment Consultants. Stephen has been an absolute powerhouse since joining TalentHub two years ago in helping candidates achieve their career goals and by helping Clients achieve a winning hiring experience.


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