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TalentHub Coaching Teams up with for New Business Content Series

TalentHub Coaching has teamed up with sports website owned by Irish media publishing and production company, Packed.House, to launch a new business content series with a sporting angle.

‘Gamechanger’ aims to help businesses to survive and thrive based on learnings from the world of sport.

The Sports Chronicle is Ireland’s first “direct to fan” sports content platform. To date, almost 100 athletes from different backgrounds and sporting codes have shared their story. They have given fans an insight into aspects of sporting life such as leadership, communication, self-care, discipline, and work ethic.

These are all skills that business managers and leaders need to be successful.

In partnership with TalentHub Coaching, The Sports Chronicle created a film that focuses on the key tenets that business leaders require in order to survive and thrive in a time of crisis.

In these unsettling times for businesses, the series brings business lessons from the front lines of sport to the fore.

The first episode is hosted by former Irish basketball Captain and Coach, Tim McCarthy, where he shares lessons from his unique experience operating at the highest levels in the executive, business, sports and media worlds.

Watch the preview clip

The 15-minute film interlaces Tim’s expert advice with insights from contributors to The Sports Chronicle including, one of the greatest hurlers of all time, Henry Shefflin; extreme adventurer and former rugby player, Damian Browne; Irish solo sailor Joan Mulloy and former Leinster Rugby captain, Isa Nacewa.

Speaking about the launch of the series, James Wynne, Head of Creative at Packed.House said;

“The learnings we have gathered from athletes we have spoken to on The Sports Chronicle in isolation are insightful, but they always had potential to be even more powerful and impactful. We are delighted to team up with TalentHub Coaching to produce an expert-led content series that communicates how learnings from the world of sport can help people in all levels of business to be more effective.”

Tim McCarthy from TalentHub Coaching, said:

“We are living in incredibly challenging times, and there will be few businesses not affected by our current situation. How leaders react will define the future of many businesses. In this series I am sharing my blueprint for working through battles – leadership, communication and engagement, care and trust and controlling the controllable, are the key skills I have relied on during previous business crises. We were delighted to partner with The Sports Chronicle to bring this blueprint to life in a content series that can really make a difference to many businesses and business leaders today.”

‘Gamechanger’ is live today on The

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