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Permanent and Contracting Solutions, tailored to your unique hiring requirements

TalentHub offer both permanent and flexible solutions, tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

For permanent recruitment, we partner with you to create the perfect brief, research and map the market, and deliver a shortlist that inevitably provides you with experienced, relevant candidates that align with your company values and are fit for the role.

If you need a more flexible option, we provide and manage Temporary, Contracting and Nearshoring solutions that help employers keep control of costs and headcount.

Our long-term relationships with some of the world’s biggest brands, means that we regularly place our digital, marketing and IT candidates in a wide range of exciting and challenging roles – both permanent and contracting.

Contracting Solutions

This is a solution that is increasing at an exponential rate, as the world (and how employees deliver their work) changes and requires a flexible option.

Our contracting solutions solve our clients’ needs under circumstances such as cover during a permanent job process, overcoming headcount issues, expansion of business or function, project or implementation of systems – not to mention major occurrences such as Covid-19.

Contracting is a solution that has proven to be highly cost-effective, flexible and reduces administration for employers, and we have the processes and governance in place to ensure this solution works perfectly for our clients.

Temporary Solutions

Temporary work, or agency work, is generally categorised as short-term Interim opportunities that are for a specific purpose and organised through an agency.

The full administration process (wages, tax liabilities, etc) is managed by recruitment agencies and seasoned Temporary candidates are generally placed in a variety of opportunities based on skillset and availability.

Temp work is particularly common in the administration and office support industry, albeit at TalentHub we have placed Temps in all manner of non-administrative roles, as and when the client requires this solution – overall, this solution offers a wealth of benefits for both the candidate and employer.

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