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People Hire People: Why your Network is more important than ever.

After all these years, I’m still fascinated with recruitment and the constant changes within the sector. One major change which we have seen of late is the lack of relevant CVs from job adverts, this has forced us to reconsider how to attract and retain the best talent. The job market is changing before our eyes, and to get the full picture, we commissioned a survey which depicts future trends.

Here’s what we know to date:

  • Just over a third of people got their present job through an advert, with referrals and then Headhunting in close second and third.


Future projections have a very different view:

  • In the future those figures change dramatically with many people expecting to find their next job through referrals or Headhunting.
  • Our respondents expect a greater move to freelance and contract positions in the future.
  • Finally, a whopping 92.73% enjoy the process of being Headhunted (music to our ears).

Change your approach and change your result:

Whilst adverts, including job and bulletin boards, used to be the main source of employment leads, this is no longer the case. Sending a CV in response to a job advert is like a shot in the dark; who knows how long the job has been open for? Has the job been promised to an internal candidate? Am I assured that my CV will be forwarded to the Hiring Manager or decision maker?

  • As anyone starting out, or looking to move into their second or third job knows, sending out CV’s can be demoralising and potentially thankless effort. You may not get a reply, and you’ll never know why. This won’t happen if you use your network, it’s hard to be ignored if you know the right people.
  • Equally, those further along their career don’t necessarily want their CV out in the public radar or risk that its circulated without your knowledge (this especially applies when candidates apply to a rival company), but by using trusted links you can be sure your CVs is put in front of the right person and not the whole office.
  • The method of securing a job is changing, but so too are job types. Goodbye permanent position (from our survey results) and hello to casual and shorter-term contracts. Consider this along with the high level of success through referrals, and in short, we’re looking at a highly-connected fluid job market, where networks are everything.

Get connected.

The greatest strength anyone can possess in these changing times is a network. Your network will benefit you hugely as you progress through your career so nurture it to ensure you can be best position when that next career break comes! But what if you don’t yet have a network? Or if your network is not as strong as you would like? Well then, get moving.
Here are the first steps TalentHub advise you to take:

  • LinkedIn: Follow the companies and influencers in your industry, that way you receive on-trend news every time you open your app. The next step is to join relevant LinkedIn groups, and don’t simply join but start a conversation with those in the groups and interact as much as possible.

  • Industry Events: Warning, if you attend without a plan, it’s going to be a waste of time!
    As in any business-related capacity, you should put a value on your time, to ensure you get the best value from attending events…. Plan, plan, plan (or face disappointment). Our first action before any event is to attain a list of attendees and identify those who you will benefit from meeting. Highlight who you would like to meet/chat with and go about scheduling a meet up before the event or a coffee during the day. Again, do your research about the people you speak to, and know how that meeting or discussion is mutually beneficial – you have to offer the other party some value as it’s a two-way street.

  • “Meet ups” (not the latest dating platform) but a social platform which hosts ‘meeting of minds’ styled events. For example, if your career and interests lie in gaming code, simply search the relevant terms on their site  and if you like what you see check out the event!! These informal events can nurture your personal networks once you find the right one.
  • More traditional routes are those events held by IDA or by Enterprise Ireland These events are great for learning about innovation and changes within industries. The speakers are usually the top industry figures, so our best advice is to reach out before the event if you are hoping to speak with them. Again, the same approach applies; list of attendees and plenty of research as to who else you may be able to network with.

Every effort you go to, from researching influencers to picking the right event, will help you create and define your personal brand.

TalentHub – we’re connected:

We work with some amazing clients who sit in the top innovation companies in Dublin and abroad. Why not leverage our networks to help you get and stay connected? Think of us a resource, we will never waste your time with something that isn’t right for you, but when that perfect match comes in, we’re off to a running start.

Why not start today? Make the call.

Lorraine Fretwell from

Author: Lorraine Fretwell

Lorraine has partnered with some of the biggest names in the UK & Ireland, delivering key talent for the most challenging roles. She has built and developed large teams in several agencies and has a proven track record at finding the unfindable, when presented with the quirkiest of job briefs.


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