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Nearshoring is a highly cost-effective hiring solution that saves time and provides quality output

With the ratio of supply and demand for IT talent causing a shortfall in candidates for key technology roles, TalentHub work in partnership with an Irish-led, nearshore software development company. We provide flexible engagement models with a full range of clients, from start-ups developing an MVP, to Global corporates.

What are the benefits of nearshoring? 

  • You have instant access to a pre-screened team, saving you time, effort and money.
  • In an ever-increasing contracting market, nearshoring offers substantial cost savings compared to average daily rates here in Ireland. 
  • All contractors who are selected are screened thoroughly, via the English language, and in-person by an experienced CTO. These interviews focus on soft-skills, communication and there is a high-standard technical assessment to ensure quality. 
  • Team-based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania provides access to high-calibre talent in a mature and large technology market (1300+ IT companies, 15,000 IT Professionals)
  • All administration and invoicing will be conducted by TalentHub
  • All work carried out within the EU, benefiting from GDPR and high-quality governance standards.

Nearshoring Service Options

Project Execution

We take care of all aspects of the project lifecycle. Our focus is always on deliverables and quality.

We will provide both the execution team and the management required, to deliver a fully functional product through rapid agile delivery iterations.

Our approach means customers are engaged throughout the entire process, and can review and validate the product features in real-time, as they are developed.

Team Extension

Once engaged, our teams will be fully dedicated to a customer’s project.

Teams can be fully independent and manage the workload autonomously (if required) or can be managed directly by the customer – with our Team Extension service, the customer decides what works best for their particular requirements.

The customer can manage allocations, and actively participate in the selection and motivation of team members if they wish. This engagement model is usually selected for long term relationships and as we build and retain the team for clients.

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