Marketing Interview Questions To Ensure Candidate Quality [Free Checklist]

When it comes to finding the right candidate for your job, there’s nothing more important than asking the right questions. This is why your interviews should be carefully crafted with questions that will weed out the star qualities in a candidate.

It’s therefore imperative to have a set of thorough questions that uncover everything from competency through to cultural fit.

As experts in HR and recruitment, we’ve uncovered the six core areas to zone in on for marketing interview questions. These have been included since they offer a high level of authority in an interview. We recommend you use these in conjunction with our ‘Marketing interview questions’ document which can be downloaded here.

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1. Background Information

The best place to start is with the candidate. Start by asking them ‘Why are you interested in this role?’. This is an opportunity to find out a bit more about their personality and passion for the job. It will also reveal how much research they’ve undertaken too.

‘What are your personal and professional goals? In three/five/ten years?’
This is a very typical interview based question, which means that your candidate should be able to answer it. This should give you an idea about their career plans and how they see themselves developing in the years to come – helpful in your long-term employment strategy.

2. Skill Questions

Leading nicely on to the next section, skill-based questions allow you to understand the person’s strengths and weaknesses. Where relevant, tweak these marketing interview questions to fit your organisational requirements.

‘What would a friend or former manager say are your strengths and weakness?’
A staple in any interview, a strong candidate will have considered this question and should be able to dazzle you with their response. It also offers an insight into their competency, and highlights any areas of weakness to take into consideration.

‘Tell me about a successful marketing campaign you recently worked on. What was your contribution? Why do you consider it successful (how did you measure your success)?’
This loaded question allows the interviewer to drill down deeper into the depths of the candidate’s skill base. It’s useful to cross-check this with their CV for consistencies. The added consideration about measuring success also shows a candidate that is able to complete a task from start to finish.

‘What is your favourite marketing blog/podcast/influencer and why?’
This question should be tailored to your industry – be as specific as you can be. In essence, you’re trying to find out how up-to-date the candidate is with latest market trends and whether they have their finger on the pulse.

3. Competency Questions

When searching for the best talent, it’s important to consider candidates that are results-orientated with critical thinking and are aware of how to best manage workplace stress.

One of these is ‘How do you stay organised and on-task?’. This is a question you should tailor to your organisation. Give the candidate a hypothetical situation and ask them how they would tackle it and what they would expect to learn in the process. This will reveal their strategic approach and way of thinking – a useful insight to have.

‘Tell me about a time you made a mistake. What did you do when you realised this and what was the outcome?’
As you’d expect in an interview, everyone wants to present their best version of themselves. This question still gives the interviewee the chance to do so, but in a way that presents their problem-solving skills too.

4. Behavioural Questions

From conflict to communication, you’ll want to know how your candidate holds up in certain situations. To get to the heart of these, here’s some carefully worded marketing interview questions to gauge their reaction and feedback:

‘Tell me about a time you felt frustrated by a friend or co-worker. How did you handle this situation?’
Overcoming conflict is important and common in business, and this question will encourage your candidate to reveal how they handle challenging situations. Do they shy away from confrontation, do they have a fiery personality? This should reveal more about their personal traits in a work context.

‘What is the best piece of criticism anyone has ever given you?’
It can be hard to get the full measure of someone in an interview. This question is designed to eke out more about their behavioural approach and professional maturity. It will also reveal if they have learnt and adapted from previous mistakes – an essential leadership quality.

5. Culture Questions

Each company has its own unique culture integral to the business or brand. It’s therefore important to ensure that any potential employees are a good fit and able to embrace the organisational culture. There’s some helpful questions that will help determine suitability.

‘What kind of a workplace are you looking to be a part of? Please provide an example’
This revealing question invites the candidate to share their vision of a successful workplace. It also indicates whether they’re a good cultural fit in your workplace and whether they would struggle with the current management style. Keep in mind of course that richness in personalities and diversity in leadership styles is what makes up a well-balanced organisation.

‘What are the top three things that motivate you?’
If you’re looking to find out more about a person’s cultural credentials, this is a key question. It should provide some insight into their personal motivations, be it; finance, reward, career growth, the opportunity to make a positive change or more. If some of these align with your business, it’s a good sign.

6. Closing Marketing Interview Questions

As the interview comes to a close, there’s a few questions to throw in for good measure. Whether or not you plan to take the candidate forward, it’s good practice to ask these, least of all for compliance for comparison purposes.

‘If we were to make you an offer, when would you be available? How much notice would you need to give your current employer?’
A pretty standard question to understand the sort to time frame you are looking at. Helpful from a logistics point of view too.

‘Do you have any questions you’d like to ask us?’
Always a good final question to end on. This allows the candidate to dig deeper into the organisation, pose any practical questions and show off their research. It’s expected for a candidate to conclude the interview with a well-considered question. Failure to do so may show a lack of initiative.

There you have it, six areas of focus for marketing interview questions, to ensure you recruit the best candidate for your business.

If you’d like to chat about your marketing recruitment needs, I would be delighted to sit down with you and your marketing team to talk through your hiring plans.

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