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Job Alert: Manager & Assistant Manager For A High Profile Sporting Body (based Dublin)

TalentHub Recruitment are urgently looking for a brilliant tag-team to undertake the 2 most important open jobs in Ireland right now!

We have a demanding and extremely important recruitment assignment – the hiring of a Manager and Assistant Manager for a high profile sports organisation, to lead a large number of excellent professionals who need first class direction, to help them win a series of highly competitive awards and accolades.

It is anticipated that the ideal candidates for this role are currently in lucrative private sector roles, but have the desire and optimism to move into these public-sector positions, where essentially you work for the state/public.

The ideal candidates:

• Have real passion for achieving goals (figuratively and literally) and will do everything in their power to turn average performers into high performers.

• Must be willing to travel internationally when required (or not, as the case can sometimes be)

• Can deal with conflict and, when dealing with contentious situations with team members, understands the difference between ‘Sent Home’ and ‘Walked Out’

• Knows how to put the team under pressure, for the desired outcome of achieving abovementioned goals

• Have a flair for identifying talent, not only from local markets but also candidates that can be imported under the qualification criteria to join the team – this can be a task that takes creativity and an ability to work around rigid rules.

• First class Stakeholder Management skills – you must be able to manage relationships with industry association personnel up to Director and C Suite Level, and know how to manage these often challenging relationships.

• Excellent PR & Media Relations abilities – including Journalists, TV Pundits, and able to calmly discuss to the media, topics that often have emotions running high or result in scathing arguments.

• Willing to accept that everyone, including former holders of your job, former team members and the general public, will have an opinion on how you should do your job, and will claim they could do it better.

For a confidential discussion on these ‘not for the faint hearted’ roles, contact and ideally if you could include a detailed resume, citing all your accomplishments, that will make it much easier to shortlist you for interview.

Please ensure you have worked in at least one Tier-A previous employer, and have at least 2 awards or accolades to your name. A World Cup would be nice

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