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Day 6 of Techmas: What keeps IT leaders up at night? [Infograph]

Enterprise Digitalization recently surveyed its audience of IT leaders to understand the state of the industry over the past year.

What Keeps IT Leaders Up At Night?

There are always going to be complications that worry IT leaders. In 2019, there were some specific challenges, such as;
1. Cybersecurity
2. Not having enough resources to integrate new technology solutions
3. Lack of budget to match needs
4. Educating employees about new technologies
5. Hiring the right talent for digital transformation
6. IT support team overburdened
7. Falling behind competition
8. Missing opportunities buried in large volumes of untapped data
9. Lack of clear ROI

Based on the results, it is clear that there are both external and internal challenges that IT leaders have to deal with.

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Source: Net Motion

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