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The IT Recruitment company that truly understands technology & innovation

TalentHub specialise in the uncovering and delivery of IT Talent.  Working across multiple functions, roles, levels, and industries within the technology space, we unify high-calibre professionals with world-class clients. Whether its Architecture or Analysis, Development or Support, when you work with TalentHub you can feel assured that our team will find the perfect fit, not just on a technical level but an organisational cultural level as well.

With access to our exclusive talent pool, we bring you both active and passive talent.  Our partnership with you takes a hands-on approach to your hiring processes, ensuring you have less to worry about and that your employer brand is amplified to the very best calibre of IT professionals in the market.

We Deliver First Class IT Talent for Roles in:

Web Development

We will find you the best developers, helping your business create an interactive and dynamic website and technical infrastructure.

From juniors up to mid-level, and all the way to lead, director and C suite level, we deliver the highest calibre of Front-End and Back-End Developers, Full Stack and Mobile.

We deliver experienced professionals for such positions as  Front End Development, Back End Development, Head of Department, Head of Engineering and all other roles within the Development Sphere.


TalentHub is committed to finding you the best talent in the fast-moving IT Infrastructure space.

With the majority of our Infrastructure opportunities to be found in Dublin, we are highly networked in this specialist community and have access to an unrivaled talent pool. 

We deliver the very best candidates for positions such as Systems Engineers, Network Engineers and Administrators, Developers, Project Managers, Implementations, and Migrations.


Having the best candidates for the security sector is vital for all organisations. They determine access to information points, and then plan, coordinate and implement information security programs.

By using a multi-layered approach, they use their specialised expertise and knowledge to protect against threats that facilitate cybercrime, including malware, phishing, hacking and viruses.

We deliver top Security talent for positions such as; Penetration Testers, Security Analysts, Security Project Management, Cyber Threat Intelligence, Cyber Security Analysis, Cyber Threat Research, Incident Management, Vulnerability Analysis, Security Project/Programme Management, Pen Testing and Ethical Hacking

IT Contracting

We facilitate contracting for development and PMO, whether you are rolling out a new project, or need an extension on your current team.

We have the capability to source staff, facilitate onboarding and payroll the necessary IT professionals to ensure you have the expertise onsite to achieve your project goals.

IT Leadership

At TalentHub, we understand the importance of leaders and the positive influences they create within organisations. Likewise, we grasp that the right professional will not be found through typical recruitment methods.

On a passive level, our consultants continue to conduct, attend and engage with networking events, consult with management and regularly interact with the most sought after leaders within the market. By employing this method, we have access to a diverse, experienced and intelligent passive talentpool of leaders in Ireland and abroad – candidates that will not ordinarily apply for positions but are always receptive to hearing about great opportunities from our team.

Typical IT Leadership positions include; Head of Development, Head of Engineering, CTO, CIO, CEO and a wealth of other senior technical roles, all of which require the very best IT Candidates to lead and manage in this fast moving and highly competitive market.

IT Consulting

TalentHub have been engaged by several (globally and locally) renowned Management Consultancy firms, with a bias for Data and Technology projects.

Facilitating roles from Analyst to Director,we understand that the professionals working with you not only have to be of exceptional calibre, but are also an important extension of your brand.

We offer a market mapping service as part of our standard hiring process, to ensure the client pre-approves the standard of IT Consultant, whom we later go on to rigorously screen, engage and onboard. This process ensures our Consultancy Clients feel absolutely confident that their new hires properly represent their company brand and reputation.

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