Invisible Partnership: The hidden key to a job applicant’s success

The keystone of any successful business is cooperation. Friction retards progress. – James Cash Penney

With many applicants, whether looking for either a new career, or a career move up the ladder, their sole focus is the role itself. Whilst they spend time working on their CV, sending it out, or simply waiting for a response, they are often oblivious to the complex, hidden, but very necessary dynamics taking place behind the scene. Behind every job post, and behind every conversation they have with their recruitment partner.

What first comes to mind is indeed correct. The relationship between the candidate and their recruiter is key to the professional success of not only the jobseeker, but the recruiter as well. But for true success, a true partnership is required. And how does a candidate make that unique connection, especially in Dublin’s matured recruitment market?

First and foremost, candidates are far more than vacancies to be filled. If you are a candidate reading this blog post, we are speaking directly to you. You are not just your CV. You are a person. Complete with personality, experience, ambitions, passions and a burning internal desire to find the right role, and shine.

Secondly, more is not better. It does not work to a candidate’s advantage when both huge and small recruitment agencies fight each other for each role, hire more and more recruiters, then overwhelm every candidate from every corner once they send in their CV. This means you, the candidate, become a box to be ticked, a commission to be earned, and a win for the agency. If the recruitment process completes successfully, the role will get filled and you will get the job you’re after. Were you the best candidate for the job? Probably. And when you begin the new role, will you know everything you need to know? Probably not.

Making That Connection

So what’s the secret to avoiding the pitfalls of both the tiresome job search and recruitment process? As the above quotes states, to be truly successful in business requires cooperation and true partnership. You, the seeker, need not only to find the right role to suit your professional skills and ambitions, but more so the right recruiter to help you secure it. A true recruiter is a true partner; one who knows the business, knows the client, and knows you.

A true partnership between a candidate and a recruiter is one which matters equally to both parties. Candidates must stay clear of ‘one size fits all’ agencies and find specialist recruiters who cater to different sectors, niches, and even specific roles. If you want the job, and are going to give it your best, you deserve the best recruiter to help you on your way.

Also, as a candidate, you should be looking to make a real, honest connection with this recruiter. You need a recruiter who will ‘get’ you, and see you beyond your CV. One who will take the time to learn about your passions, goals, and who won’t be afraid to challenge you, and push you. They will be prep you and they will be honest – sometimes candid or harsh, but always kind and helpful. They will help you identify your strengths, but also point out your weaknesses – and that’s what you need.

They will understand you and your journey, and go that ‘extra step’ further for you simply because they are hardwired that way. Whether its keeping you up to date, or ‘holding your hand’ whilst you wait for a response, they are part of your journey. This guarantees the candidate has the best partner for success in landing that coveted role.

The Invisible Partnership

There is a relationship rarely considered by applicants, one which takes place entirely behind the scenes, and which defines, shapes and impacts the recruitment process in its entirety. It is invisible to the candidate. But it is at the forefront of the recruiter’s mind throughout the process.

This is the partnership between the recruiter and the client themselves. The client themselves went ‘job hunting’following the same path as many candidates, and they find their recruiter. And because of this, they have set in motion a process which guarantees the best for what they need – the best candidates, carefully selected and prepped by a recruiter who understands their business. At times, this partnership does come with its own challenges, but also with great rewards.

A recruiter who truly understands the client’s sector, business model, and professional point of view, knows what they’re doing – and will know the best way to put you forward.

Thanks to this partnership, you, the candidate only benefits along the way. The requirements will be clear, any ambiguity will be minimised or quickly resolved, and the entire process will run smoothly – and quickly. You, the candidate, won’t simply be ‘uploaded’ to an applicant tracking system. You will be personally introduced. Because your recruiter knows the client.

It all boils down to real partnerships.

When connections are made, true partnerships grow, and nurture the success of the entire recruitment process. When the recruiter is aligned with the client, the recruiter aligned with the candidate, and the candidate aligned within themselves, everyone wins and reap the rewards theyve worked to achieve.

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