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Day 11 of Techmas: Interview tips for tech talent

We spend the majority of our lives working, so when it comes to finding a new job, it makes sense to do everything you can to nail the interview.

However, as the tech industry grows, so does the pool of talent and competition. So then, how can you stand out from the crowd and make sure you land the job of your dreams?

It goes beyond just having a great CV, you also need to be interview-savvy. Here’s five tips for nailing a job interview in the tech world.

1. Do your Homework

Sometimes it’s the simplest advice that’s the most important, and this means doing your homework.

Read up on the company before your interview and know everything that’s appropriate in the role you’re applying for. Specifically, this means being aware of their latest software release or tech implementation and having a (respectful) view on this for future recommendations.

Showing a genuine interest in the company, while presenting your analytical skills will demonstrate both a passion and maturity that interviewers are looking for. It’s also a savvy way to showcase your skill set, planting yourself in the role of the job and showing how you can add value.

2. Showcase your Talent

A piece of feedback we receive time and again from clients, is that interviewees don’t divulge enough information about their tangible skills. This doesn’t mean reeling off your employment to date, or listing all your qualifications; it’s about demonstrating the process of your thinking.

Unlike traditional interviews, recruiting in tech is not about selling yourself, it’s about selling your skill set. This means explaining your strategic approach and breaking down the process, so your thinking is unpicked in a clear way.

3. Overcoming Adversity

Tech recruiters love nothing more than problem solvers. Therefore, ahead of the interview, think of two or three examples that show your tech prowess in tackling problems. Present this in a logical way; stating the issue, highlighting your understanding, and finally how you implemented change.

Weave these examples into any questions or scenario, as problem-solving ability will be high on their agenda.

4. It’s ok to be a Geek!

Remember your audience – you’re with tech friends here, so it’s ok to share your inner passion for technology. In fact, it’s expected! So, have a view on the latest coding system, share your industry insight on breaking tech news, and don’t be afraid to share your vision of how the industry will evolve. It’s all good fodder for your interviewer.

5. Bring Your Personality

There’s a common misconception that the tech industry is dry. This simply isn’t the case, and the best way to show-off your personality is by talking about your (tech related) interests, usually at the end of the interview. Whether you’re into social media developments or the latest rumblings in Silicon Valley, this is your chance to show off your passion and personality.

Employers aren’t just looking for talent – they’re looking for people they connect with and fit well within their organisation. Try a build a natural rapport with your interviewer/potential boss, and final mutual ground. It might just give you the competitive edge you need!

Job interviews don’t need to be stressful if you plan ahead and have some great examples to pull out of the bag. Just follow these helpful tips and you’ll give yourself a natural advantage.

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