Morgan Cummins HubTalks: An inspiring interview with my mentor, Greg Savage

At the start of this year I set myself some breakthrough career goals, and one was to find myself 3 mentors. I found one amazing coach from the world of Peak Performance (a high profile Sports Coach), another came from the board of a global retailer and my third one was from my industry – recruitment….

Now, a wise woman once told me your mentor can be living or dead, that they don’t even need to know that they are mentoring you!

As long as you conduct deep dive research around what it is that made them achieve what you admire about them and want to achieve yourself.

Enter Greg Savage, for me the North Star of the global recruitment industry and a shining light (for me) at a time when I was at a low ebb in my recruitment journey – at that time I had enforced gardening leave and a lot of spare time on my hands.

I could have chosen to be lazy or go on a holiday, instead, I started a daily routine around reading and listening to everything I could that this great man shared with the world.

So today I want to share with you the top 6 things that I learnt:

1. The only thing you own and control in your life is your reputation. So always treat people with respect and how you would like them to treat you. Ask yourself…. What do people say about me when I’m not in the room?

2. Action always speaks louder than words. Remember great leadership is what you do and not what you say. And remember people leave people and not brands.

3. Helping people reach their full potential is the most rewarding thing you can do in your career/life. Your role as a leader is to make other people successful in their career.

4. The 2 most important questions to ask yourself every day are, did I learn something new and was I happy today?

5. Failure is good for you if you learn from it and adopt a true growth mindset.

6. Be the hardest working person in the room, and always aim to know 5% more about your area than anyone else.

So, for the last 18 months, I’ve tried my best (and it is hard) to live my life using these lessons. And so far, the results have been game changing for me.

I reached all my 2018 goals in 6 months and most importantly got to meet Greg Savage in person earlier this year. This is what I asked him:

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Morgan Cummins & Greg Savage

How have you remained so successful over the last 40 years in business?

He said that he has always been proud of the work he has delivered and gets so much satisfaction from seeing all the people around him develop and flourish in their careers. This is what fuels his relentless energy levels.

What advice would you give your 30-year-old self?

Take a breath, really think the big decisions through. Listen – if you are talking you are not learning. Find people that are better than you, that have a point of view and surround yourself with them.

What are you most proud of?

The buzz of walking down the street in Sydney and being told by people that walk up to me and say that I helped them reach their full potential.

How do you measure a successful recruitment business?

Focus on people’s activity and not unnecessary KPIs. The three things Greg always asks owners of businesses are:
What activity are you doing?
What levels of quality are you doing it to?
And who are you doing it with?

What advice would you give to someone like me who loves recruitment?

Choose to work with good people who respect what you do. Deliver on what you say and develop the people around you.

Thank you, Greg Savage, I’ve never met someone so genuine, passionate and in love with what they do. And you have helped me work with a purpose and a passion everyday which is to come to work and do my best to help and inspire people.

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morgan_cumminslAuthor: Morgan Cummins

Morgan is an experienced marketer who has been lucky enough to work in markets like Australia, the Middle East and Ireland over the last 15 years. He has experience in building new brands, running an ad agency and hiring the best talent for his clients.

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