6 Tips to Improve Your Recruitment Process

Over the next 20 years, the biggest challenge for companies in Ireland will be the war to recruit top talent.

It was recently announced that Amazon is searching for additional office space in Dublin that could cater for as many as 800 employees. According to, by 2020 Google and Facebook will employ up to 10,000 in Dublin alone. The IDA continue to bring in large employers from abroad, most of which are vying for the same Technical and Sales Operations talent as their neighbours in Dublin.

Businesses are constantly innovating; launching amazing new product features that automate mundane tasks for the B2B and B2C sectors, and there is – in comparison – very little focus on innovative recruitment methods and employee engagement.

If you are a Human Resources or Talent Acquisition specialist, chances are you are well versed in modern recruitment techniques and have your finger on the pulse as to what potential employees look for both in terms of compensation and job satisfaction. However, Hiring Managers, Heads of Department and Business Owners are rarely offered (or simply don’t seek out) this knowledge. Think about it – what training have you been given in the recruitment and talent mapping process. Do you aim to have a cup of coffee once a month with the future stars of your industry? Are you pipelining today for what your business will need tomorrow?

Did you know that there are over 24 touch points in the recruitment process?

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24 Touch Points in the Recruitment Process – TalentHub

Yes – 24 touch points. Often people think there are a couple of rounds of interview (2 to 3 touch points at most) and then an offer is made. If the candidate doesn’t accept the role, the attitude is that they are making a big mistake and the Hiring manager has the frustration of starting from scratch.

However, the world no longer works like this, jobs for life are a thing of the past. People are encouraged to ‘pivot’ in their careers. I did this pivot myself 3 years when I started my journey into recruitment and the talent mapping business and I couldn’t be happier.

Today, I would like to share with you some innovative recruitment techniques that I’ve learnt along the way…..

1. Give the brief (the job description) the attention it deserves.

Ask yourself are you guilty of simply taking a similar brief from the internet without really considering if this properly describes the role objectives? Or are you using what has been handed down by the HR department over the years (even though new digital and data role are springing up all the time). I think we need to re-look at the name for a start. Yes, it’s a description, but what is it measuring – does it include the KPIs for the candidate? When I do a briefing session with my clients, I always ask “how will we know in 6 months’ time if the person we hire together is being successful in their job”. And I am often met with blank silences…. Should we not start with this and then work backwards?

2. Has the role and more importantly the job description been signed off by all the key stakeholders?

Remember you are dealing with someone’s career here. Think of all the time they put into the process (physically and emotionally) only to be told at the very end of the process…. “we’re sorry but this position has gone on hold”.

3. The interview – Have you put a scoring system in place for each of the candidates you meet?

These should be scored against the core competencies required for the role. Where are you keeping a record of this information? These are just some of the mistakes I see being made. Do you actively sell the role and the company to the candidate? – if you don’t I think you should. The best talent on the market needs re-assurance that this is the best place for them to perform to their highest potential.

4. Speed of the process

It’s a candidate driven market and if you don’t move quickly enough you will lose the best talent to those who do. I’ve heard the comment “if they want to work here they will wait for us”, I’m sorry but this is no longer the case.

5. Your brand and building brand advocates.

You are giving the outside world a peek into the inner workings of your brand, company and cultural. If you treat people with respect during the process they will tell the world, if you don’t they will also do the same. Remember it costs nothing to be nice.

6. Your employer branding is vital; or your Employee Value Proposition (EVP).

An EVP is a statement that defines how your brand would like to be perceived. It summarises the ‘give and get’ of the employment relationship by expressing what the brand expects from its employee and the value that employees can expect from the organization in return. More and more this is what we are asked by our candidates when we are developing our talent pipelines.

When you have a low unemployment rate and a growing economy, it’s a job seeker’s market. In other words, the companies that offer the best employee value will attract not only those who are out of work but the best of the best who are seeking greener pastures but not necessarily in a rush to jump ship.

My key takeaway is – please give the recruitment process the time and attention it deserves. The people you hire are the game-changers in your business and have the capacity to change the company’s future.

If you need additional expertise on the best way to construct, craft, engaging and accurate job descriptions, or if you need guidance as to what interview style/process will work best for your role, don’t hesitate to reach out to myself or any of my colleagues to learn more about our hiring techniques.

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