#HubTalks reveals the Irish eCommerce skills gaps

As some of you might know, we recently held our inaugural #HubTalks event which was attended by the cream of the crop of Irish eCommerce talent. At #HubTalks we carried out a survey to assess the area of eCommerce in Ireland. #Hubtalks was a starting off point for looking at eCommerce in Ireland and we think the survey throws up some really interesting results.
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We’ve found that amongst eCommerce companies, only 25 percent of them have are currently outsourcing their digital marketing to agencies. 75 percent of eCommerce companies carry out their own digital marketing. This ties in with the trend we’ve seen of brands, retailers and others in the eCommerce world, bringing their marketing capabilities in-house. It actually ties in with something Gordon Newman, head of multi-channel at Life Style Sports said at #HubTalks – that brands like Life Style are bringing in specialist talent as their teams start to grow.

“We started with generalists first,” said Newman. “And then once the business started to grow, we started bringing in specialists in terms of SEO and different things like that. I don’t necessarily need to know the ins and outs of what they are doing but I can give them the information they need and they are so good at their jobs that they are getting it done for me without that level of oversight that we might have had at the beginning”.

Unsurprisingly, given the subject matter of the night, we found that 93 percent of the attendees working in companies that had digital revenues and only 7 percent had none.

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However, we also found that the marketing teams varied hugely in size; the vast majority of attendees had fewer than 10 employees (72 percent) on their digital teams, whereas 15 percent of the organisations present had huge digital teams of over 50 employees. Indeed, digging further into the figures, we found that 7 percent of #HubTalks attendees had well over 90 digital employees. It just goes to show the diversity of the Irish eCommerce eco-system.e-commerce Ireland, recruitment Dublin

#Hubtalks reveals the skills eCommerce companies need

Obviously, at TalentHub we pride ourselves on being one of Dublin’s most innovative recruiters. That’s why we held #Hubtalks in the first place. We wanted to share the power of our network across some of Ireland’s eCommerce powerhouses. We firmly believe that Irish eCommerce can compete and thrive on a global level. We have first-hand experience of the talent that is out there. We know the demand for the skills is out there. That’s why these results in particular are fascinating.

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According to the eCommerce participants in #Hubtalks the three main areas that companies want to see more talent in are SEO/Email and Google products (27 percent), social media (23 percent) and eCommerce (14 percent) skills. The first two skills are highly-sought after throughout the digital world – but it’s extremely interesting that 14 percent of respondents think that eCommerce skills are needed. This ties in with something that was again, discussed at #Hubtalks.

eCommerce consultant Ian Snipper, says that the traditional skills of retail are in huge demand in the world of eCommerce.

“We are competing with Facebook and Google and the likes for digital talent. But we also need the traditional skills of selling. Everybody gets caught up in the latest technical skills but you need to remember that you are there to sell products to the customer. There are specific eCommerce skills like fulfillment, customer service and logistics that are always going to be needed by Irish eCommerce companies.”

The other skills that eCommerce employers think are missing at the moment include, in order;

-Marketing (9 percent)

-Project or Campaign management (9 percent)

-Analytics (9 percent)

-Content (5 percent)

-Technology (5 percent)

Personally speaking, the findings of this survey tie in with a lot of what we see day-in and day-out here at TalentHub. Employers are looking for those digital skills in particular and a someone with experience and knowledge in those areas will do well. One thing that stood out at #HubTalks is how important the culture of a business is and how important it is that the employer and employee are on the same page when it comes to this. Some people want a really structured, specialist environment and others are generalists who can turn their hand to either. There are roles for both types of people but our skill at TalentHub is matching the right person to the right job.

Let us use our talents to help you

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Morgan CumminsAuthor: Morgan Cummins

Morgan is an experienced marketer who has been lucky enough to work in markets like Australia, the Middle East and Ireland over the last 15 years. He has experience in building new brands, running an ad agency and hiring the best talent for his clients.



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