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Introducing HubTalks 2019 – The Amazon Effect

As an intrinsic part of the eCommerce community of Ireland, TalentHub are delighted to launch our latest event in the HubTalks series, this time we are focusing on what many refer to as ‘The Amazon Effect’.

Whilst pure-play E-commerce is highly evolved, the often forgotten ‘little brother’ is the plethora of bricks and mortar business, a sector that Amazon (and their competitors) now displays an increasing appetite for bricks and mortar stores as well as the online space, this year’s discussion will focus on “The Amazon Effect”. Essential attendance for any Irish business that transacts online, be you an owner-operator, medium sized business or large enterprise.

What is the Amazon Effect?

Founded in July 1994, it’s not hyperbolic to suggest that Amazon invented the click that changed the world. Interestingly enough, the patent on the click expired in 2017 which means that other retailers can now implement the same process without paying fees to Amazon. But Amazon is already looking to the future, now using predictive A.I. to forecast shoppers’ future needs – and the sales therein.

The Amazon Effect, now a mainstream term, refers to the massive disruption of both online and physical varieties, brought about by the advent of ecommerce. Originally an online bookseller, research in 2018 highlighted that Amazon sold 12 million different types of products, excluding books and wine. Today, Amazon is also a leader in smart devices with the Echo and Alexa dominating their categories.

Yet, years later, the most obvious manifestation of Amazon’s dominance is the continuing consumer shift to online shopping.

The convenience factor cannot be overlooked. Decades before CX (Customer Experience) became a discipline all of its own, Amazon placed the customer at the centre of everything
they designed, from the website to product listings to payments and more. Now, as long as you have an internet connection, you can shop and have your purchases delivered by nothing more than a few clicks. Figures for 2017 in the United States show that Amazon took 44% of all U.S ecommerce receipts.

What is the state of play for Irish retail?

The Irish economy is robust from an ecommerce perspective. Silicon Republic reported in September 2018 that ecommerce spend has reached €12.3 billion per year.

“Many retailers face increasing international competition on their doorstep and need to enhance their competitiveness,” says Heather humphries, TD Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation, highlighting the stiff challenges retailers are experiencing in Ireland.

Research from Amazon’s website traffic service in 2018 shows the top 40 ecommerce sites in Ireland. No surprise at all, Amazon ranks first in spite of not having a .ie domain.

That said, there is much that Irish retailers could be doing to prevent sales slipping away and going to international online platforms. According to eShopWord’s latest study, there were 2.9 million online shoppers in Ireland in 2018 and come 2022, it’s predicted that over 70% of the population will shop online. This means that over the next few years, (if we play our cards right), Ireland could become one of the world’s most successful digital economies.

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Source: Statista, e-Commerce Ireland, Users in Millions

Currently, just three out of 10 retailers in Ireland are set up for ecommerce sales. And, according to 2018’s Digital Health Index, the vast majority of Irish ecommerce retailers are not leveraging the insights they could be from customer data.

HubTalks will examine how retailers on the Irish high street can strengthen their own position and tackle the threat to keep the Irish ecommerce spend where it belongs – in Ireland!

Ecommerce leaders and executives will leave HubTalks 2019 with a full view of the online landscape in Ireland, and an understanding on how to take a slice of pie for themselves.

The event will cover areas including:

● The future of payments: Where do we go after 1 click?
● Future technologies and what they might mean: Voice search and A.I. are already here and are increasingly a part of the ecommerce experience
CX as the cutting edge: Surprise and delight your customer, but how do you do this moving from a live instore experience to online?

Date: 4 April 2019
Time: 18:00 – 20:30 pm
Venue: Iveagh Gardens Hotel

Keynote Speaker


We are delighted to announce our keynote speaker, Brian Corish, – former LiveWire Entrepreneur of the year, Intel Innovation Award winner & Marketer of the Year, now attempting to get big grown-up companies to behave a little more like tech start-ups – is our confirmed headline speaker for the event. Brian plans to share his view on how Amazon took over the online world and will also bring the audience up to speed on the future role that technology will play in brand experiences.

Brian’s presentation will be followed by a panel with of thought leaders in the ecommerce and digital innovation sector. We’ll shortly announce who our panelists and moderator will be. Watch this space!

The evening will also provide an opportunity to network with the top e-commerce specialists in the country. Drinks and canapes will be provided.

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