How to Shorten Your Interview Process

Big Tech giants such as Google and Facebook are known for their tedious and lengthy interview processes and many other businesses are now following suit. However, in the new norm of a highly candidate driven market, employers need to be sharper, faster and more receptive to candidate requirements if they want to engage and hire the very best talent.

With Irish employers intending to embark on their biggest hiring spree in more than 15 years, it is a hugely competitive time where the candidates are well and truly in control. Top talent has the ability to keep their options open, with numerous different job opportunities becoming readily available to them.

Last week we ran a poll asking our audience what puts them off an interview process and 62% said when the process is too long. This is extremely important for employers to take note of because if your company takes too long to make a great offer, the chances of losing talent to your competitors is very high.

So, how can you shorten your interviewing process?

We understand that it can be difficult to shorten your interview processes, especially if you are working in a large organisation where there are set procedures and protocols in place. However, we need to be proactive in creating an interview process that is going to attract talent and encourage people to want to work with you.

Make the Application Process Simple

Something else that came up in our poll was that candidates HATE having to input all their CV information again and login to a portal to simply upload their CV and apply for a job. Your application process needs to be as simple and straight forward as possible.

Ask for feedback from candidates who you have hired, not hired and those who didn’t accept. Ask them how they found the whole interview experience and welcome both positive and negative feedback. If you don’t ask, you won’t know!

Take Advantage of Automation

There are so many tools out there that can help you save time and effort when liaising with a candidate. One that our recruiters use is Calendly. Calendly lets the candidate book a time that is free in your calendar. It saves the back and forth of trying to find a time that suits both parties. There are also many other automation tools that will make the administration of the process much easier and simpler for all parties, bearing in mind there may be multiple stakeholders involved.

Partner with a Recruitment Agency

Hiring managers and HR are often hesitant to reach out to a staffing agency because of cost concerns. However, any costs are more than offset by the increase in quality candidates put forward and decreased hiring times.

Recruitment Agencies have a pool of qualified, top talent candidates at the ready. They save you the search time and screening time. You need to move faster than ever when it comes to hiring. Partnering with a recruitment agency helps you close open positions in a timely manner and saves you a lot of hassle.

Create an Internal Referral Scheme

Referral systems help locate candidates from within an organization’s employee networks, as well as speed up the recruitment process and reduce time to hire. The best way to encourage employees to refer friends and family is to offer a referral bonus.

Speed up Your Offer Process

Once your recruitment partner (whether an in-house resource or an external partner such as TalentHub) has provided a verbal acceptance, its essential that the candidate receives detailed paperwork speedily. We recommend not only providing a formal offer but an employer handbook and ‘welcome to the team’ guide which should showcase all the ancillary benefits, the career trajectory on offer etc.

In such a competitive market, you are more likely than not going to be up against not only another offer but a counteroffer too. You need to showcase why the candidate should accept and do so before someone else gets there before you.


Time to hire is an important metric for organizations as it directly links to productivity and thus revenue. However, there are things you can do to optimize your recruitment process and keep your time to hire in check. By continually improving your process, you won’t need to sacrifice quality for time.

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