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How to Manage a Remote Sales Team Successfully

A lot can happen in a short time. Look at the past year for instance – we’ve gone from working in sociable busy office environments, to managing teams virtually, with many of us now working from home.

Whether working remotely is something you’ve experienced before, or you’re new to, it’s clear that managing virtual sales teams is here to stay – even in part.

So then, how can building a remote sales team effectively be beneficial, and how do you manage teams virtually? There’s a couple of best practices we can share with you.

Develop a positive culture

Building a healthy culture within your organisation will impact everything – from output to labour turnover. Building an inclusive environment where colleagues feel supported, valued and listened to is key to this. With mental health in the workplace so high on the agenda, there has never been a better time to review the way your organisation interacts with colleagues

Remotely, there are numerous tools to help stay in touch with team members that we all know about; Slack, Monday, Zoom and so forth. Remaining plugged in and available to team members might be more important than ever. And one way to measure sentiment and keep on top of any issues in these remote times is through a pulse survey. These quick ‘temperature checks’ are growing in popularity, as a valuable way to measure colleague sentiment and address any developing issues.

Embrace the new world order

With Ireland leading the way in remote working, it’s time to embrace the new world order. Recent legislation has approved the right for employees to work remotely, which means that it’s time for businesses to adopt a remote-working mindset and culture. And yes, that includes sales teams.

From the moment you hire remote sales teams and onboarding, to nurturing growing talent, the right tools need to be in place for working remotely. Set expectations and develop a system with your corporate playbook, making sure that remote sales training is readily available to those that need it. In essence, be prepared for remote working for the long-haul and put the necessary steps in place to make it efficient and attractive for everyone.

Understanding new challenges

Work from home for sales teams can be more challenging than many other departments. That’s because sales is a customer-centric operation reliant on building and nurturing relationships, and heavily relies on face-to-face contact.

The global pandemic has impacted consumer-facing roles, making work more complex than before. As a leader, understanding the new challenges and finding work-arounds is a challenge to rise to in these uncertain times. Having a growth mindset will help navigate through this, as you celebrate successes and finding solutions to problems together as one team.

Team coaching

In these unchartered times, we’re re-learning new ways of working. That means that some team members may benefit from extra support, be it through remote sales training or coaching. The good news is that we’ve seen a surge of online training courses becoming available, and they’re less time invasive (or expensive) than previous ‘away days’.

Additionally, remote sales coaching is a great way to bring everyone up to the same standard, while investing in team members. It’s also one of the few ways to bring teams together, while remaining apart. Here at TalentHub we offer a coaching service, for both individuals and groups. If this is something you’re interested in, feel free to reach out to

Share team wins

One of the joys we’ve lost while working remotely, is the team spirit and camaraderie so often seen in sales teams, right?

There’s no high-fives, no team drinks, no sales floor energy to thrive on. While there’s no compensation for this, there are some great resources for building a remote sales team’s morale. From messenger and internal chat, to ‘virtual leaderboards’ we have to work harder to find creative ways to recreate the sales spirit missed so much.

Over communicate

As a final point, during remote working, there can never be too much communication from a manager. Checking in on team members, having regular catch-ups, or calls, can all play their part in developing and maintaining strong relationships.  As already mentioned, mental health in the workplace is something we must all give greater consideration to at this time. 

There is no shortcut to success, or blueprint in place for sales teams working remotely. But if you want to manage teams successfully and build that team all-important team spirit, it all starts with implementing these first few positive steps.

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