Position Your Company As A Talent Brand To Attract The Best Candidates

Whether you’re a company that sells a product or a service, you’re probably well versed in the type of branding you need to do to attract your ideal customer.

But are you clear on how you need to brand your company to attract your ideal hire?

You should be.

According to Harvard Business Review, employer branding is becoming strategically more important to CEOs and HR and marketing leaders with a third looking to build their global employer brand by 2020.

Growing Importance of Employer Brand, attracting, talent, retaining candidates, employer branding

Growing Importance of Employer Brand

Though the economy rises and falls in cycles, high-quality talent is always in demand, and you could face hiring challenges that you didn’t anticipate when you come to build your team.

The war for top talent is real

We’re not fans of exaggeration, but there’s no denying that the battle for talent can have a negative impact for businesses that want to grow.

In Ireland, the war for talent is best illustrated by the tech startups who ask (sometimes cry), “how can we compete with Google and Facebook for talent?” It can seem as though the odds of recruiting the right candidate for a smaller company is impossible next to the deep pockets (read: free lunches, laundry service, business hammocks, massage stations etc.) of the tech giants or multinationals.

However, the perks being offered by any company are only part of the story.

There’s copious research that highlights how the millennial demographic are looking for a purpose from their work rather than just a paycheck. But we all know anecdotally how people of any age can feel towards a job that only provides a salary and nothing else. It’s difficult to stay engaged and motivated in a company that has a poor work environment, no vision, little camaraderie etc.

That means that the war for talent is won (or lost) on more than money. And herein lies the opportunity you have to build a brand that attracts great talent to your doors.

What do talent brands do?

To find the people you want to hire, begin to think of them as an additional audience for your business. You’re not only going to market to the customers you want to attract, you’re now going to identify your ideal candidate as a group you need to market to as well.

Whether you want to recruit tech talent or people in other professional disciplines, begin to position your brand so that it resonates with the candidates you’re looking for.

The tips below should help you build a talent brand that candidates flock to.

Candidates want information… lots of information

Go beyond the job description.

This is an area where it’s easy to imitate the big employers at no extra cost.

Your ideal candidate will see your job recognised and read the job description, but they want more information than this.

Google provides a job description but also shares detailed content on the team that the role will be in as well as the different roles found within that team. Some Fortune 500 companies link to a dedicated page in their job descriptions that shares extra information about working with them, including details on perks, benefits and leadership development programs.

It’s also a good idea to share content on your existing social media profiles (no need to create separate ones) that illustrates the kind of business you are. Intersperse warm updates and photos of a team lunch, away days etc. with links to blogs and news updates of client wins, growth etc.

Growing Importance of Employer Brand, attracting, candidates, retaining talent, employer branding

A lot has been written on how employers check out candidates on social media; rest assured that candidates do the same.

Illustrate your impact

Candidates want to know about the impact your company has.

This ranges from news about new hires to new business you are winning to community activities your business is a part of.

Potential employees can read your mission statement, but they might not put too much stock in it until it they see your values actively demonstrated.

A company that develops a regular stream of communication about the impact they’re having will find its name appearing on the radar of the best talent. Good candidates want to work at a business that is achieving its mission and doing good in the wider community.

Let your employees speak to potential hires

One of the most effective ways to brand your company as a talent powerhouse is to let your employees share their stories.

Some companies do this effectively through videos on their website and social media platforms. But it’s also a good idea to let employees speak face-to-face with potential hires as part of your interview process.

Also, don’t forget about past stellar employees.

Wil Reynolds, founder of Seer Interactive, an award-winning SEO agency based in Philadelphia and San Diego (and a speaker at this year’s LearnInbound event in Dublin) is clear about his mission. “I care about people,” he says.

As part of this value, Wil conceptualised the Seer Alumni Network. While the network is involved in various activities, one of the areas in which it is used often is in recruiting new staff.

People being able to genuinely connect to someone who already works for you will gain a whole new insight into the type of organisation you run. And that’s a win for you and your potential hires.

If you’d like to find out more about hiring the best talent for your team, talk to us. We’d be delighted to chat – and we know the best people!

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