Highlights from #HubTalks eCommerce

For those of you who didn’t make TalentHub’s first #HubTalks event or for anyone looking for a recap of the night please enjoy the clip below! On the night we had fantastic contributions from experts in the Irish eCommerce arena. We’ve used our position at TalentHub as a partner to some of Ireland’s most innovative eCommerce companies to bring together some of the most forward-thinking speakers in the industry. We see the talent that is out there in the world of Irish eCommerce as one of Ireland’s most innovative recruitment companies and we want to use our contacts to help these people extend their networks and share information.

On the night we had contributions from Gordon Newman, head of multi-channel at Life Style Sports, Ian Snipper, an eCommerce specialist who has worked with some of Ireland’s biggest eCommerce retailers and Vinny O’Brien, an eCommerce consultant who also acts as a mentor for eCommerce businesses throughout Ireland with Enterprise Ireland. The themes of the night were that executive buy-in from board level is needed, the culture is all-important and there is an enormous opportunity there to be exploited if Irish eCommerce retailers are ready for the future.

The eCommerce opportunity

TalentHub’s own Morgan Cummins got things started highlighting the fact that €4.5 billion leaves Ireland’s shores every year from Irish shoppers spending money with foreign eCommerce retailers. Even if Ireland managed to reclaim 10 percent of that money – it would produce a net gain to the Irish economy of €450 million and the addition of 10,000 extra jobs.

The talent is here already… it’s just a matter of exploiting the massive opportunity that’s out there. There’s a quick taster of what the event was like below. We hope you enjoy it!

And keep checking the TalentHub blog to see when our next #HubTalks event is taking place!


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