Happy Birthday, YouTube!

We can’t believe its ten years since the launch of YouTube (making us feel very old indeed!). On April 2005 one short video was uploaded to a then-private video sharing website that launched a beta version in May before becoming available to everyone six months later.

The YouTube platform revolutionised User Generated Content and gave everyone the opportunity to be a producer, director, creator and editor. As well as giving proud parents and cat owners a place to showcase their funny videos!

YouTube brought us insights into some of the hardships of the world, content that would never have been seen or shared previously, it has helped lobbyists and those trying to raise awareness for a particular cause so that their mantra could be brought to the masses. In ten years, YouTube has become the biggest video platform on the web, with more than one billion users.

Its fair to say it also took away our privacy – making content easy to share without necessarily needing permission from participants. But overall, its opened up a whole new world and gave new meaning to freedom of speech and sharing of opinions, entertainment and appeals. For the good or the bad, it is a reflect of our global culture, of our way to see, create and interact with the world.

Happy Birthday, YouTube – and here is a video showcasing some of their best bits from the last decade:

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