How to build your personal brand online – Part I

For most employees – bar recent graduates – the many years spent in your chosen career has contributed to a deep knowledge and understanding of your area of expertise, and a desire to continue to grow within your role. Embarking on further training can be a worthwhile way to achieve this outcome; so too can using social media to share your story and build your personal brand.

Positioning yourself as a voice of authority within your field pays many dividends. First, it highlights your significance within your industry. Second, the speed of social media allows you to participate in relevant conversations as they happen, highlighting your up-to-date knowledge of your field.

Third, building your brand online ensures your name and reputation is identifiable to decision makers and headhunters as new opportunities become available.

Finally, creating an online brand through which you share your expertise and opinion enables more junior workers in your profession to grow their knowledge base. In other words, it’s also a simple way to give back.

Creating your personal brand online doesn’t have to be arduous, but a bit of planning beforehand will ensure you’re putting your effort to best use.

Social media: you don’t need to be everywhere

Social media has become ubiquitous. This is not necessarily negative, though it’s also not useful when looking for opportunities to enhance your professional status. You don’t need to be on every social media platform, only the ones who speak to a like-minded audience.

Know where your profession is online

Pay attention to where your professional community is gathering. LinkedIn is the behemoth social media platform when it comes to business, but engaging with blogs in your field shouldn’t be overlooked either. Likewise, make sure the platform suits your profession. Pinterest is a great showcase for graphic designers; not so much for medical technologists.

Commit to your chosen platforms

While you don’t need to create a profile on every social platform, when you do, you must commit to it. Building your brand online means you need to be active. Find your own rhythm, and stick to it. Once a day, once a week, once every two weeks; whatever you decide is fine, but you have to maintain the rhythm if you’re going to build your audience. Not being consistent will prevent you from being seen as an active and engaged voice in your industry, and will say things about your personal brand that are not complimentary.

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Guest post by Claire Mason

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