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Feel Good Friday News Bulletin: Part 4

Welcome to our Feel Good Friday News Bulletin, where we are putting together a weekly round-up of the positive stories we are hearing – to break through the noise of all the not-so-positive and stressful news we are exposed to 24/7 right now.

Experts in digital marketing, websites & design come together to lend a free hand to Irish businesses who’ve been affected by COVID-19

The ‘Lend a Hand’ initiative created by Digital Marketing Specialist, Amy Coyle, has gathered people within the digital and creative community who are willing to donate a couple of hours work to help small businesses who have been affected by COVID-19.

There are providing their time for free for services such as:

  • Photo Editing, Graphic Design
  • Digital Ads, (Facebook, IG, Google Ads, Pinterest, LinkedIn) COVID-19 Media Planning, Social Media Content Planning, Content Marketing, Branding
  • Basic Hosted Website & E-Commerce Shop Setup, Digital Payments Advice
  • Advanced HTML & CSS Builds (Limited capability for now, but please enquire!)
  • Technical SEO, Local SEO, Keyword Research & Link Building

“COVID-19 has understandably left many small business owners at a loss for what to do, and who are struggling trying to navigate their way forward. Likewise there are many digital marketers & creatives without work and looking for a way to use their skills to help those in need. We’ve created a community to help these people meet up and move forward. If you’ve got some time to give and would like to join the team, please send us a message or fill out the form on the site.”

So if you need a hand or are willing to donate a hand, get in touch via their website

 covid19, lend a hand, digital marketing, creative help

Non-Profit group, Ireland Together, brings together business professionals to support one another during COVID-19

Ireland Together is a non-profit group of professionals and entrepreneurs committed to finding innovative solutions to the challenges presented by the changes that the COVID-19.

Our very own Ellie Doyle, Director and Co-Founder at TalentHub, now sits on the advisory panel which aims to share expert knowledge, advice and resources to other business owners and professionals across Ireland.

By registering as a member, you as a business owner or professional can receive advice in:

  • Online security for remote workers
  • Remote working technologies
  • Remote working support
  • HR and employment
  • Remote health and wellness
  • Mortgages and personal finance support
  • Leading through change
  • Legal support
  • Communicating with staff
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Business continuity and planning
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Finance and accounting

To join as a member or advisor of the Ireland Together group by visiting their website

Pluralsight donates $1.25M in aid of COVID-19 emergency responses and opens up free learning resources to aid teachers and students

Pluralsight One supports it’s non-profit partners and emergency response services by donating $1.25M.

Along with this, they have granted free online access to over 33 courses & more than 100hours of content to teachers and students, which will aid in virtual teaching due to COVID-19. Check it out here

And it doesn’t stop there, as their #FreeApril campaign gives everyone access to 7,000+ expert-led video courses, free for the entire month of April. No catches, no credit card required. There are some very useful courses here for anyone looking to upskill in tech, data, marketing, business or innovation. Check it out here

“We are providing nimble capital to our partners in support of tech-enabled health and education aid locally and globally with a focus on the most vulnerable populations. In addition, we have expanded our product solutions for nonprofits, teachers and students to ensure they can build the skills they need at this critical time.”

PluralSight, Free April, covid19, lend a hand, digital marketing, creative help

Have you a good story to share on the TalentHub Friday Good News Bulletin?

I’m asking my network to share with me any funny, positive or uplifting news that you’ve heard about recently – whether this is a success for a business, a business ‘giving back’ to society, an instance where someone went over and above to help somebody out, or any other bit of ‘good news’ that you feel deserves public credit and a share. Both company and personal examples very much welcomed.

Please send me your stories via direct mail ( if you spot something online please share the link so we can follow up.

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