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Feel Good Friday News Bulletin: Part 3

Welcome to our Feel Good Friday News Bulletin, where we are putting together a weekly round-up of the positive stories we are hearing – to break through the noise of all the not-so-positive and stressful news we are exposed to 24/7 right now.

eCommerce solutions provider, Kooomo, waives normal setup fees to aid retailers to sell online

Kooomo has waived its normal setup fees to aid retailers to sell online. This eCommerce Solution provider (which normally operates on a revenue-share model once a merchant is a set-up) will waive setup fees that on average consist of about €40,000.

This initiative was set up to help retailers who have faced some of the most difficult trading times in history and enable them to get their products online without incurring any costs.

Avail of this service here

Ciaran Bollard, CEO of Koooomo said:

“We made this decision to help support retailers in this trying and uncertain time. This is a great opportunity for retailers and brands to utilise this support in conjunction with government aid packages such as the COVID-19 impact scheme. We all must help each other out in these trying times and accelerating eCommerce initiatives is a great way to kick-start trade and future proof your business.”

kooomo, covid19

Source: Kooomo Twitter

iZest Marketing Group encourages businesses to give back with #oneAday initiative

OneAday is an initiative created by iZest Marketing, encouraging Irish Businesses to collaborate and work together through these challenging times.

Based on the principle of ‘marginal gains’, oneAday focuses on everyone involved doing #oneAday in terms of offering free services, advice, information and support.

What could my #oneAday be?

  • It could be a One Hour Call that you could to help other businesses through the platform.
  • A One Hour of Pro Bono work if you have the resources to work on behalf of one of registered companies or charities in need.

Laura Nolan – Commercial Director izest Marketing Group said:

“We have been blown away with the support that we have received to date. In less than a week we have exceeded 115 collaborators listed on the website and we have over 800 followers on the instagram page. To put that into content, with 115 businesses/individuals offering a #oneaday, if you were to average their time at €100 per hour/consultation then the oneAday initiative is offering over €11,500 worth of free services per day, amounting to almost €60,000 over a 5 day week. That is a phenomenal contribution to small businesses, individuals and local communities and we are just getting started!! Our intention is to create a long lasting network of like minded individuals that will be able to help one another to build their businesses back up after the COVID19 restrictions lift, and continue to support one another, long after we have re-established ourselves again.”

Register on the official website –

izest marketing, covid19, oneAday

Source: iZest Marketing Group Instagram

Social Media initiative encourages people to use their daily exercise to run 5km and donate €5 to chosen charities

The social media trend, #5kChallenge, has become the latest national support initiative on platforms such as Instagram during the Covid19 crisis, which encourages participants to donate to charities of their choice who may be struggling during this challenging time.

This initiative urges people to run or walk 5km during lockdown while practicing social distancing and then asks you to donate €5 to your chosen charity and nominate five friends to do the same.

5kchallenge, covid19, 5krun, charity, social media

Source: Instagram

Have you a good story to share on the TalentHub Friday Good News Bulletin?

I’m asking my network to share with me any funny, positive or uplifting news that you’ve heard about recently – whether this is a success for a business, a business ‘giving back’ to society, an instance where someone went over and above to help somebody out, or any other bit of ‘good news’ that you feel deserves public credit and a share. Both company and personal examples very much welcomed.

Please send me your stories via direct mail ( if you spot something online please share the link so we can follow up.

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