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Feel Good Friday News Bulletin: Part 2

Welcome to our Feel Good Friday News Bulletin, where we are putting together a weekly round-up of the positive stories we are hearing right now – to break through the noise of all the not-so-positive and stressful news we are exposed to 24/7 right now.

Just Eat Ireland support struggling restaurant sector with €1million investment

Just Eat Ireland announced an investment package worth a total of €1 million in an attempt to support the struggling restaurant sector amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

These new measures are to help establishments of restaurants across Ireland who have closed their doors in the attempt to encourage social distancing measures and halt the spread of COVID-19.

Over the next while Just Eat have offered support such as:

– Reduced commissions for registered restaurants

– Abolishing sign-up fees for restaurants seeking to join Just Eat

– Investment in additional resources for operations and menu development

There will also be an assigned team that will work closely with restaurants who are looking to move to a takeaway service for the first time, with advice offered on how to get online quickly.

Amanda Roche-Kelly, Managing Director, said:

“We’re doing everything in our power to drive the necessary orders to keep all our restaurant partners busy during these difficult days. Most of our existing partners remain open for delivery and collection and all are taking the necessary precautions to ensure safe delivery of food. We are also really conscious that there are hundreds of local independent restaurants in towns, villages and suburbs throughout the country that have been forced to close their doors. Previously they haven’t offered a delivery option but for them, this is the only way that they can keep staff employed and stay open during the period ahead. We have been inundated with requests for support from this cohort of restaurants and are delighted to be in a position to invest to help them.

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Source: Just Eat IE Twitter

Free Now offers healthcare workers and other medical staff 50% off taxi fares

Healthcare workers are able to avail of 50% off taxi fares when using the Free Now app, the company said today. Free Now has added a new mechanism within the app that enables users to select the “Medical” fleet-type option when they book their taxi.

Free Now said this initiative would aid the “healthcare heroes” fighting the coronavirus outbreak in Ireland. Healthcare staff will need to show their medical ID to drivers at the start of their trip, and Free Now will take no commission from drivers for these trips.

This initiative is also to aid Taxi drivers, as they have been deemed an essential service by the government. This initiative will help vital healthcare workers to get to their critically important jobs as well as supporting struggling drivers in this, the most difficult of times.

Free Now, The Script, YouTube, HopeFromHome, jacksepticeye, CornaVirus, COVID19, Good News, TalentHub, Dublin Recruitment Agency

Source: Free Now Twitter

The Script’s tribute concert for healthcare staff sold out

Irish pop band, The Script, is to put on two concerts in Dublin early next year for any staff working in the HSE.

Tickets for The Script’s two free gigs at the 3Arena have been snapped up. The band will play to frontline healthcare staff next February 8th and 9th.

The likes of nurses, doctors and porters subscribed to all 24-thousand tickets in less than half an hour.

Irish YouTube star helped raise nearly €600,000 in 12 hours for Covid-19 relief efforts

A multi-platform digital fundraiser raised more than €1.5 million for Covid-19 relief on Tuesday, World Health Day.

The #HopeFromHome livestream brought together entertainers, influencers, gamers and other creators across platforms including YouTube, Facebook Twitter and TikTok to benefit three global charities.

Irish YouTuber, Seán McLoughlin aka jacksepticeye kicked off the #HopeFromHome campaign with a marathon live stream that raised more than €600,000 for COVID-19 relief.

He held the stream–which was timed for World Health Day–on his YouTube channel, where he has 23.6 million subscribers.

“This is a very important day, and we’ve put a lot of work into this,” he told viewers. “It’s such a huge, global pandemic that’s happening. It’s something that’s affecting so many people right now…I feel like I just needed to do something for this. Raise awareness, raise money, do something about it.”

Free Now, The Script, YouTube, HopeFromHome, jacksepticeye, CornaVirus, COVID19, Good News, TalentHub, Dublin Recruitment Agency

Source: Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images

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Please send me your stories via direct mail ( if you spot something online please share the link so we can follow up.

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