New Year, New Job? An Updated CV is a Good Start [2019 CV SAMPLE & TEMPLATE]

We know, writing the “perfect” CV can be daunting and downright frustrating, but in this highly competitive job market, it’s vital that your CV reflects your professional career in the best possible way, because until you reach the desired face to face interview, your CV is the ‘shop window’ where you can display your talents, achievements and capabilities.

A well-thought-out CV leads to a much better interview, as you are prompting the reader/interviewer to raise discussion points that are you proud to talk about, ensuring the conversation about your most positive accomplishments comes easily and naturally.

This CV template we created provides a simple design which clearly clarifies your past position’s responsibilities and projects. However much like beauty, what makes the “perfect” CV is completely a matter of opinion; and that rests on the eye of the beholder, so adapt and change to whatever suits you or your profession. Download our CV Template and CV Sample to kick-start your 2019 job hunt journey.


Personal Profile

Think of your profile as your elevator pitch to get your foot in the door!

Start with a high-level statement, summarising yourself and your professional profile in one powerful sentence.

Continue this introduction by giving a more detailed description in a short, concise paragraph. This paragraph needs to strong, to the point as your profile as it will be the first visible point of your CV once its opened, so it needs to make a big impact. If your profile doesn’t contain the important requirements for your target roles, some recruiters may close it down without reading any further.


Start with an outline, following key responsibilities. The best profiles are the ones that are short, sharp and to the point. Don’t go into too much detail, as you can speak about these points during the interview. Don’t forget to show your impact by including some impressive achievements.

By adding data and metrics to quantify your achievements you can upgrade your resume from amateur to amazing. Metrics, data, or any kind of stats help recruiters and hiring managers see the impact you made.


Your education, qualifications and any relevant technical skills should be listed in detail at the bottom, as in the example below.

Important aspects from this section should be repeated in your profile to ensure they are noticed by recruiters.

Remember, unless its compulsory for the job application, only include educational results that show you in the best possible light.

Technical Skills and Interests

Include all IT skills, starting with the ones that are most relevant to the role.

For interests, focus on interests that are particularly impressive or are relevant to your target market or profession in general.

Example for Marketing: Writing articles or blogs, Managing your own blog, Volunteering, Organising events.

Don’t forget to include some personal interests so they can learn something that reflects your personality. It can also be a good conversation topic during interviews.

Example: Travel, home restoration/renovations, cooking, guitar playing, songwriting.

This template is ideal for a Marketing professional, however, can be adapted to suit all professions.


Download the CV Template by clicking on the image above.

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