What Happens After Education? – Graduate Developer Guide [CV TEMPLATE + EBOOK]

When I was four years old my parents sent me to school, I stayed there for eight years. When I was twelve they legally had to send me to secondary school, where I learned lessons on dealing with people, anxiety, awkwardness and I became ever so slightly smarter than my twelve-year-old self. I stayed in this school until I was seventeen and completed my leaving certificate. The natural progression after this would have been to go straight to college however, a very unnatural anomaly happened that we called the “Celtic Tiger”. This apparent abundance of wealth coerced me to hop off the education train for a short while at employment station. Here, I, along with most of the rest of the country, partied a little too hard and we ended up burning the station down in a haze. For lack of a better option, I hopped back on the train and began my college life. Mainly a smooth journey from there.

There is no natural progression

I overused the word “naturally” in the above paragraph for the fact that it has now become natural for us to go to college. The big bad world is a terribly frightening place and it is easy to believe that by attending college we are building a fort within it. In this fort, we take time to become better prepared and readier for facing what it will throw at us. I personally do believe this to be true, my proverbial fortress led me to develop a skill set that I would not have sharpened outside of it.

For those who have recently finished college, or those set to finish soon, however, things are about to drastically change in at least one area; there is no natural progression. You are about to come to the end of a straight line you have been traveling on for the past twenty years and face an open plain of long grass that you won’t be able to quite see over. If you travel one way you may find utopia, travel another, you may find myself stuck in a rut. I believe though that there are two ways to perceive this sovereignty; either being lost or being liberated. For the sake of your sanity, please choose liberty.

How to kickstart your career as a Developer

Although the choices up ahead vary from person to person depending on their degree, qualification or results. It has become more apparent that in Dublin, there are more options than ever for those coming out of further education with a degree in Software Development. Although this can be seen as a highly enviable position compared to others, it has come about due to some wise decision making, graft and intelligence. It can also likely lead to an abundance of calls, emails and in mails from companies and recruiters such as myself. Flattery can quickly lead to annoyance which can lead to the confusion brought on by excessive opportunities.

To add more stress to the situation, graduates are in a financial bind from years of education that will create a temptation to cast aside a career plan, apply for as many positions as possible and make the CV as generic as can be.

Although there may not be any strictly right or wrong way to begin looking for a career, we can start to see why this may not be ideal by visualizing the journey in the eBook provided below.

The guidebook below is aimed toward Developers however, I hope that others may gain some insight all the same.

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In this guidebook, you will get:
A brief introduction to the job search journey
Advice for developers on choosing a specialism
Developer CV Template
What technical jobs you should apply for and how to go about it

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