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Core Media share their latest ‘Outlook 2016’ report.

Core Media have released their latest annual ‘Outlook’ report, which offers topical and granular insights into current market trends. Alan Cox, CEO of Core Media, introduces the report by reflecting on economic improvements over the past couple of years. In 2014, Ireland saw the first increase in Advertising spend for 7 years (with a rise of just over 4%), and by 2015 this was a lift of 8%, which is indicative of both business and consumer confidence. Taking account of how robust the wider economic recovery is, even stronger growth is anticipated for 2016 – initial predictions sit at around 10%.

From Core Media’s perspective, one of the biggest investment areas is Data Science, and it’s probably safe to say this is standard across the industry as Big Data and Predictive Analytics become increasingly important to businesses and brands looking for meaningful engagement with their customers. As Alan highlights in his introduction, the Marketing, Advertising and Media industry (up to now) has not prioritized Data Science as an essential area to nurture and it’s refreshing to see how this is rapidly changing.

We spoke to Justin Cullen, Chief Digital and Data Officer at Core Media, and he said ‘Every year we produce our Outlook to provide our take on what’s going on today and more importantly what is important for the future. Outlook is designed & presented to cut through the clutter in the media & marketing landscape to provide guidance & insight across all the issues that matter’

Thanks to the team at Core Media for producing such a detailed and valuable report which will undoubtedly be very well received by Marketing, Advertising and Media professionals who look to further leverage Data and Digital as part of their overall strategy for growth.

Click here to access the report

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