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Day 12 of Techmas:: From coding to personality: What type of developer are you?

I’m fortunate enough to work in a career that offers me a window into many industries, and allows me to meet the really interesting people who work in them. In my case, these industries tend to be highly technical and the selection of talent can often rely on psychometric testing to validate suitability.

If you’ve ever had to do a psychometric test as part of an interview process, you’ll be familiar with the amount of them that are out there. Ranging from the aforementioned Myers-Briggs personality-type indicator to deductive reasoning tests, the Enneagram, NLP, DiSC, or ones that test your aptitude for problem-solving, most of us have sat down to complete one of these either during our education or our career journey. Have we got your heart racing yet at the mere mention of them?

Well, we’ve decided to add a new spin on these tests and create our own smattering coding types. (Take our test with a pinch of salt and this is far from exhaustive)

Personify me

Mention the word developer, programmer, data scientist or coder to most people and it’s likely that will not know what your job entails, apart from involving lots of numbers, data crunching, creativity, intense concentration, and ingenuity.
And even if you work and are immersed in this IT space, it can get confusing, particularly with rapid digital and technological developments in areas such as the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Plus, there’s the continual onslaught of mobile, with programmers having to keep on top of the whole area of user experience (UX) and mobile responsiveness.
So, on a lighter note, let’s take a look at some of your ‘typical’ programmer types you’re likely to meet. You never know, it might help you understand someone (or even yourself!) better.

Plugged into UX and UI

For this programmer, you’re all about the ‘experience’ and would it be fair to say that there’s the touch of an artist in you? Hungry to get down to where people click on a page, how long they stay there, you’re a sucker for the latest in eye-tracking technology. Anything to do wth heatmapping and you’re on it!
You like to get down to the nitty-gritty and are willing to do everything it takes to get the job done and improve user experience (UX), from deploying OS software to checking out the latest plug-ins. Hit a stumbling block? No bother. You dust yourself off, down a quick caffeine shot and get back on it. Meticulous, tenacious, you’re nothing if not resourceful. You might not be a hit with clients during the design and development process, but at the end of the day, they’ll thank you for it.

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An agile approach

You’ll talk programming all day. You’re tenacious, practical and have a voracious appetite for learning new things and sharing insights you come across on the web. You’re also the one the boss calls on when the servers go down. You live and breathe IT. That being said, you do know how to have some fun and know when to let your hair down.

Cyber secure

Security is your middle name. You’re always on the lookout for attack and are knowledgable on everything to do with cyber security and the latest in encryption. You’re so entrenched in preparing for an imminent security breach that you often have to be reminded to take your lunch. Some will revere your attitude to risk, others will simply not understand your dedication to password protection. Ignore them and plough ahead. Just don’t forget to get the job at hand done, especially when you hear the footsteps of the project manager about to enter the room!

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Appy happy

A mobile app developer, you are nothing if not meticulous, with the type of brain that can filter and absorb vital information fast. Others will look up to your knowledge on the latest in cross-platform app development in particular. Often deemed to be a people person, you’re a joy to bring to client meetings. Your quick mind can both grapple with understanding people’s needs and then translating this into code. It’s all about the user experience, after all? The downside, not everyone understands you. Never mind. Just keep doing your thing. And remember to take your breaks!

Walk the IT talk

You live and breathe IT, having worked through a lot of technological transitions in your time. It’s not surprising that people often turn to you for your insights. You keep your head down and know what it takes to deliver, preferring to take a step back from any IT ‘small talk’. Despite this outward persona, however, you walk the IT talk and have a ‘steely’ attitude to your career progression. You’re known for continually upskilling and keeping up to speed with developments in the industry. Dependable, reliable, and steady – that’s you, in a nutshell.

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The resolver

You’re a programmer of few spoken words, and prefer to keep to yourself, but boy do know your stuff. Under those headsets (who knows what you’re listening to?!), you’re a whiz on the machine. Blazing a trail each day, tackling the unknown, you’re like a bit of an enigma to others, but the boss loves you. Why? You simply get the job done and resolve problems fast, eliminating drama.

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby …

Finally, let’s look at those of you who work in the area of Amazon Web Services. You’re a pragmatic lot it seems. Whether your language is Ruby, Java, Python or PHP, your head is definitely not in the clouds. You’re all about finding solutions and supporting the team in the process!

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