How to build your personal brand online – Part II

I started sharing my tips on how to build your personal brand online here and today I’m sharing the second part with you:

Be opinionated

Being bland and regurgitating existing opinions and facts is not going to position you as an expert. Building your brand means that you have attributes that make you identifiable to your followers and colleagues. Creating a unique voice in your industry by developing a point of view is the fastest way to make your personal brand stand out as something unique. Having a purpose in what you say will mean people can recognise the value in following you.

Spot creative opportunities

Spending time surveying the online landscape for chances to build your brand will show up opportunities that exist. A world of digital engagement exists between a quickly thrown-together LinkedIn profile and setting up a blog that requires a considerable time and research investment. It might be that creating a podcast is the best way to get traction in your industry, or that contributing to a white paper will showcase your expertise better than a response to a tweet. Getting creative about how you disseminate the value you provide will do a lot of PR for your brand.

Build connections

You most likely already know the key drivers in your industry; you may be one yourself. Your online brand, however, is not an island and the strength or weakness of it will depend on the connections you make. Connect with people who you genuinely respect as having something worthwhile to say. Totting up followers for the sake of volume is not the purpose here. Get the quality right, though, and the quantity inevitably follows.

Get a unique domain

Up until this year, the domain space has been dominated by .com, .org and .net. Since the beginning of 2014 more than 1,000 new domain extensions have come on the market and a number of them cover professional identities. It is now possible for you to identify yourself as a .lawyer, .attorney or .dentist, and so on. There are also creative extensions that can be used to build your personal brand such as .ninja, .guru and .reviews. Instead of being one of many tax consultants, you can now create your own website as – and lead the pack!

Be yourself and use your own voice

Building your personal brand online provides you with the chance to tell your story (think of Richard Branson), highlight what you stand for professionally, and engage in social media in an ever evolving way. It’s key to remember when positioning yourself as a brand that people respond to authenticity over the digital waves as much as they do in real life. Stay true to who you are, speak in a tone of voice familiar to yourself and focus on matters important to you. Your brand will then become an extension of yourself, and feel effortless, rather than a marketing project to manage.

Guest post by Claire Mason

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